My take on the referendum: MPs waende

Many people are of the opinion that senate iende but I feel we just need to recise their TOR. Let each county have two senators to do what they are doing plus what MPs do. Create.a Senator’s committee at the county level where the senate dialofues with the MCA to create linkage between the two offices.

Two senators each county? That sounds a bit misplaced. The governor, senator and women rep are just okay. Only the number of parliaments, the county wards, and nominated posts need to be done away with. If we can have a national assemlby with like 190 MPs the better. No fwking nomiantions and two-third gender bullshit, affirmative actions my foot.

what are you saying?

You didn’t get the memo:

Referendum debate is over after last week central MP’s meeting with President Uhuru. Walisomewa and told to forget about it. Then on Friday DP Uncle Ruto hosted handcheque 2. Have you noticed how a lot of people went silent.

I take wjatever Gatheca says about the referendum with a pinch of salt. I hang on Amolo’s lips

The whole referendum thing was centred around convincing President Uhuru to become greedy, dishonest, change to become a betrayer and selfish enough to stay in power. He was least interested in either. Instead the turned on that one or two person suggesting that. In fact he said non of them have what it takes to be the new central region leader after him. His choice will surprise them. Interesting that githeri media tried to spin that but those in the meeting knew the succession games were swiftly ended this last week.

It wouldn’t go away though, the selfish group still think they will be the first group in Kenya history to transcend between one Presidency to another unaffected. They will still sponsor succession debate up to the last minute but they have been hard hit. Referendum debate will still be there mostly from opposition illusions. It keeps their masses busy as the only dream of kuangukia in 2022.

what is the criteria for being a Central leader? Yeye alipita hio mtihani. I know why he doesnt want a leader for mt. Kenya to groom him/herself but wacha tu better left unsaid for now.

Kwanza it wouldn’t be from Central Kenya but Central Rift Valley. President Uhuru doesn’t want another contested elections so amemaliza RAT mapema to get him out of the equation. Shida yake tu ni pesa so apatiwe. Then he insisted DP Uncle Ruto and RAT be on the same side and that’s why they met for lunch to finish this small matters. RAT now will coordinate to interlink development projects between nations while President Uhuru handles the same within the country. Handcheques between the west and the east will be in plenty for everyone. That is how RAT days in opposition ended. In fact he only asked that DP Uncle Ruto gets Winnie Odinga a great seat and its done. Kition, madvd and watermelon are in for a shock.

190 ni mingi we should have 145 including the ex-officio

Central is not like western kenya where they follow one principal and does all he asks. Uhuru himself was voted out in 2002. But for now they just want to give others a chance to give a president and of course majority will vote for ruto as way of saying thank u

I have never understood this thank you idea that is peddled like rotten potatoes at every available opportunity… Who is being thanked and what for?

Maybe because central votes would not have made uhuru president

Hata nikijilazimisha kuelewa mnaongelea nini sitagitch I give up

Katiba tulisomewa tukule ujeuri wetu

Tell me its my ngafana

Possibly. Even your Senator. However we are talking of community leadership. The DP running mate is still a matter of great debate, alignment and negotiations.