My struggle and subsequent deliverance from Prostitution

I have shared my great struggle with prostitution elsewhere, something I would not wish even on my worst enemy.

As I noted, I needed a place with a strong prayer force so that I could be totally delivered. I fasted and prayed, and kept looking for a good church with a consistent prayer regime because I still felt like I could go back.

Finally, I found refuge at Winners Chapel after someone invited me while they were on outreach. I’m sorry to look like am campaigning for it, but that altar is full of prayer day and night, and specifically prayers for members by other members, relating to liberation of all winners. It is a good place, in case you are struggling, you may want to try it. Don’t forget that all in all, JESUS is the one who sets free ULTIMATELY, and am not taking that away nor diminishing it. Am embellishing the place of prayer. Remember a captive is a captive, she/he can’t set themselves free however strong the will. Other people may have different journeys to deliverance and I would be glad to hear because God works differently.

Jesus is all good. I was set free and am free indeed.

You were a prostitute?

Mambo ya hii winners unasifu apa, tutakaa chini pamoja nikuelezee. Uwes nipata 1 centimeter away from it

Sijui niulize swali gani kwanza. Winners? You,a prostitute?

Do you still have old contacts, I’m asking for @Starscream and @langatkipro

Leta hekaya bro


Old contacts, new contacts and very new contacts kila kitu iko

@Mimi Huchunisha Majamaa Skuma was this your client?