My Solution to Society-Wide Marital Problems

In the decades gone by wives didnt marry persons, but families… and whole tribes/clans.

This ensured ownership and acceptance of the ladies…

They were happier

The white man down the line… upuss ya modernization …Jubilee govt …shisha bans …and now, guys marry ladies and personalise them.

A wife is marooned around her husband… few links with the family and husband’s larger clan

Many wives hawaendangi kwa kina mzee …na 98% cannot go without their husbands’ company…

The result ni boy child kuteswa kimya kimya kwa marriage …wyf kufyatuliwa after husbands death ju hajulikani …marriage failures…

I have a solution… thankfully.

See, on the night of the wedding… the husband shouldnt sleep with his new wife… rather, she should be taken to her father in law.

The father in law should kamua her seriously the whole night. Then kesho the bride ndo anapelekwa kwa bwana.

This ensures that wyf sasa will be welcomed in the family, tribe, clan…

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My dad married my mum without including his mom (mum’s mother in law)… Acha story za clan large family et all… They gave me their story, dad told me that if he had taken her to meet his mom they wouldn’t have gotten married… Knowing how grandma is I believed him…
So, mom saw her mother in law when she had one kid and another on the way…

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‘Et Al’ …‘et all’ ni diploma-level degrees you guys get from those unis on Thika Road and Thika

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Forgive my asking, but was it a tribal thing? Our folks of kitambo were against such unions.

Wewe yako umetoa Punjab ama?? Smh!!

Nop… Not tribal… Grandma got issues especially with people who know how to “take care” of themselves

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mcooshite :D:D:D:D


So my solution ingework ju grandpa angemtetea



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