My Short story

I’m not a hater and will never wish death to any of my enemies …BUT Here is my brief story :

3 certain guys (I’ll call them X,Y and Z) originated from Jaimaica, Kenya and Congo respectively were my friends and live in the same city as I . They campaigned so hard for the disgraced and retarded former president to a point they would carry his rambo portrait picture at the back of their truck.

One day we were discussing about vaccines long after they agreed to swallow their bitter pill of 2020 loss. The discussion turned into a heated debate. Argument was: they all refuse to take Pfizer vaccine because it’s Biden who championed it and not golden haired man.
As much as we differed politically, I would call on them to remind them about taking vaccine. But on this specific day they told me to take my dog “Kiki” for Pfizer vaccine and not bother them. This really hurt me and I wished death to them.
As I’m talking to you right now, 2 of them died last week within 2 days apart (the Kenyan and Congolese) and the Jamaican is on HDU. Choices have consequences. May all Qanon, republican antivaxies not live to see another day.

How is Kiki doing?

Uko na umama na mafeelings mingi.

So Kiki alipewa Pfizer ama Johnson n Johnson?

Kiki sounds like a tiny male dog in pink

Sadist detected, be honest you hated trump due to immigration issues na haukuwa na makaratasi. Hiyo vaccine sisi tunaskia tu.

The entitlememt in this post though… Dude, don’t force your preferences on people. It’s their life, live yours. The fact that you got hurt over such a trivial issue, at least by African standards, that you’d wish death on them is overly psycho to say the least.

Wacha umama

You wished other human beings death over your stupid fúckin dog? Wewe na hiyo umbwa yako hamna difference

You wishing them dead did not cause their death - Covid or whatever did. There may be a correlation between such wishes and actual deaths but that can be attributable to a myriad of reasons. It was coincidental that your friends died months after you wished them dead.


First they will kill your dog, then your kid, then your wife (not necessarily a bad thing), then you. So you gotta stop them early.

Ahem ahem ahem . Stupid conservatives now turning course and want vaccines. Ahem ahem ahem .

Its true i hated Trump and not immigration issues but it was one of the reasons . And you are wrong that I’m paperless. Can’t own a house if Im Paperless . Think a little bit fool

Period they refused vaccine . No other thing

You getting it wrong. Go ready my story first before you start vomiting

Shut the fuck up,filthy bottoms

That virus is starting to behave funny. Ni kama wanamalisa wafuasia wa msito trump alafu wanasema ni covid. Siku hizi ukiulia unaambiwa ni covid. This is a very dangerous trend. Watu waache kuua wafuasi wa mzee.

You cannot kill millions and claim they were all just bad people that deserved it. You can’t even kill thousands or hundreds and claim that they were all just bad people. You can’t claim moral superiority just for shouting the right phrases.

Asshole who tagged you hear.Rotting cadaver

He wasn’t smart in the beginning. He put his foot right inside his mouth. Now he is a bitter looser .Very bitter .