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Kenyan constitution must be revisted and reviewed, this nonesense of winner takes it all must stop. The person who comes second should be equally awarded with some executive powers and allowed to front his list of cabinet and other officers, that way there would never be jittering. That is the game that kept president Moi in power for long. When Kibaki was rigged out in 1997, he contracted Snr Councel James Orengo to prosecute the ECK, president Moi had to be served with lawsuit physically but it was practically impossible to serve a tyrant that Moi was with those papers. The Kikuyu nation were so hurt, they are the ones who came up with secession stories due to the outright rigging of 1997 elections…seing the danger, President Moi ran to Raila Odinga, appointed him energy minister (That is how Odinga became a billionnaire), and appointed other members of the Luo community from the then NDP wing. Without the support of Odinga, Kibaki alongside his kikuyu followers remained a showboat like a headless hen. Moving forward, the only thing that can save this country from a civil war situation is if power is shared in equal measure with main opposition, no matter who wins, even Kibaki did the same thing in 2004 by appointing the likes of Nyachae and John Koech from Bomet. Africans have a positive kind of energy when their own is in government and Uhuru Kenyatta is not going to be the first one to change that. During his first term, he appointed more than 5 Kikuyus as Cabinet Secretaries, one Luo and one Luhya…That is why the son of Jomo is going down in the books of history as a one term president in East Africa, felled by opposition.


Stupid, I have not read past this. We cannot change laws so that some people should also be in government. You are the taxpayer, you’re the one who will be squeezed so that we can have extra money to cater for a bloated government yet you’re talking as if you are the one who will get the extra seat in government. Can you please stick to dryfry fantasies?


One centre of power . Hunan being can’t have more than one ,can’t work .

Name one instance in any country that utilises your kind of prefered system of governance…


sawa mzee mzima

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Stupid thinking. In short no opposition?
Name one country where the loser also gets into government.

I agree with you to the extent that the loser should get something. I would propose the old model where candidates were also MPs. In that way, the loser will also strongly be in parliament as the opposition leader.

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mkamba mijinga unatuaibisha


pole ndugu

The loser is expected to form a shadow government. This shadow government is expected to keep those in power in check. And provide alternatives to government policies. In mature democracies,the shadow governments are consulted in case of major decisions.
That ensures that the views of the minority are also given a chance.
But the opposition in Kenya is so clueless such that should something happen and they are required to step,we would be in a quagmire of biblical proportions.


The only ‘revisiting’ that shall be done will be on the 4 waji. …Oh sorry?

Watajua ‘Ujuzi sio upuzi! Na huwezi vuta kwa Uzi!’