My realisation

When Satan decided to test Job,he never appeared.Job became sick,lost his children and wealth etc

People around him could say things, like his wife and friends.

So you will not see Satan,but you will hear things…

Wacha niulize tu swali, yani innocent children lost their lives so that Job could be tested? So after Job passed the test, were the children resurrected? Ama waliambiwa bahati yao mbaya.

Bahati yao mbaya,saitani alifata instructions.aliguza Kila kitu lakini sio job.

Hehe! Basi heri sisi kafiri wenye hatutestiwangwi. Watoto wetu wataishi long lives bila kumadwa in the excuse of us being tested.

What is your point??

Satan wanted Job to betray God,he never appeared physically.He tried diseases,death,poverty etc but Job was unmoved.So he just had to say what he wanted.

What he wanted was verbalised by jobs wife and friends.

The point is,be careful,something’s you hear are actually from the devil.

I don’t believe in those stories

Blame everything bad on the devil, it’s always a Christian numero uno point

Btw I also read the Koran,at some point I practiced Islam.

What made me start thinking that way was:

Have you ever realised people are just good,but the moment someone will say something…it’s like a seed, everything changes and eventually wanakatana mapanga like those two teachers in kirinyaga.

It always starts with some word.

It’s called the Smith effect, protecting the matrix

The things that happen have a direct link to the basic characteristics that make us who we are. We are likely to querrel with people and get into fights if we have a rash, confrontational or abusive tendency. These are personality traits that define some of us as individuals. We may think it makes us strong to talk back, (some say, “mwanamme hawezi niambia hivo na nimuache!”).These traits are likely to define our actions, the other person’s reaction, and ultimately, even affect our destiny. When we become aware of certain character flaws we all have, then it is possible to engage with others more carefully, and consciously. In fact when we understand ourselves and how we respond to situations, we are better placed to deal with the devil. If you are competing for something with a potentially violent or abusive person, you are safer talking less and walking away. It’s better to avoid such people. In his folly and pride he may think you are a coward, but perhaps you just saved your life–he may have been provoking you so you can insult him back, and give him reason to kill you.

Unasahau ile watoto ilitukana mzee kisha akaomba bear itokee nakuwasosi mmoja mmoja? That christian god aint fukcin around i tell you

God is not a respecter of man. He does as He pleases. He can wipe out a whole city just for His will to be done, kwasababu anajua why He did it which is uncomprehendable to us mere humans

Hii ni story za kale sahii nani atakubali kupoteza familia yake juu ya kuwa tested

:Dimagine getting to heaven and being told that your purpose in life was to be cannon fodder

JESUS AS A CHILD( the forbidden book) - Religion, Spiritualism & Philosophy - Kenya Talk

How can we trust the council of Nicea when it has been proven that there were many more holy books that were excluded (The Book of Enoch, the Book of Judas, etc.)?

We cannot trust the Council of Nicea. The Council of Nicea was neither a religious nor a spiritual conclave. It was a politically motivated gathering. Not only were arbitrary decisions made regarding the composition of the Bible which you mentioned; basic doctrinal questions were debated, defined and imposed.

…What is even more concerning is during the formative years of modern Christianity, politics was the major driving force. It is interesting to note that of the First 7 Ecumenical Councils or world-wide conferences of the Christian Church Leaders, 6 were convened by Emperors and 1 was convened by an Empress. It was not until AD 869, the Eighth Ecumenical Council (Fourth Council of Constantinople) that Emperor Basil and Pope Hadrian II jointly called the Council. In all those first 8 formative doctrinal councils, political power in many ways dictated both the issues to be addressed and the outcomes. That sadly was true of many conclaves that followed as the Church replaced the royalty as a major political force.

Below are two examples of Apostate teachings adopted by these politically motivated and directed councils which became official Christian Doctrine.

…First: The Christian Triune (three in one) God, who made something from nothing, is an invention of man first formalized in the Council at Nicea. This was done to satisfy many pagan beliefs which had, in one form or another, already infiltrated the Gospel of Christ. These were some of the corrupt issues many Apostolic Epistles addressed which were infiltrating even during the administration of the Apostles. For example, Paul taught against these creeping changes in doctrine in Galatians 1: 6 - 9 …”I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: 7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”

God the Father, His son Christ and the Holy Ghost are and have always been separate individual beings. Each of us are also individual beings. Matter and Intelligence are both Eternal and have always existed and always will. We have always existed as Intelligence and God the Father organized each of us into spiritual beings made of Spiritual Substance (matter too fine to be distinguished by human senses) and Intelligence (will and choice). In Genesis, the word create is an incorrect translation from Hebrew. The more accurate word is “organize”. Christ, all of us and the Holy Ghost were all “Organized” by God the Father from eternal intelligence and matter and became sentient spiritual beings. God is the Father of our Spirits. That is why we refer to Him as our Father in Heaven. There was no such thing as Ex nihilo creation. Something never comes from nothing.

God Father is the Father of all. He is the Father of all our Spirits.

Christ was the First Born Spirit of God the Father. God the Father is also the Father of all of us who are spirit brothers and sisters of Christ. He is also the “Only Begotten” in the flesh being a child of both divinity (God the Father) and Mortality (Mary His mother). Christ, being the First Born of Spirit was given by our Father in Heaven, responsibility for the Organization and Salvation of this Creation. Christ willingly accepted this role.

The Holy Ghost is a Spirit who serves as witness and guide to those who follow Christ’s gospel. The gift of the Holy Ghost is conferred, as in the time of the Apostles, by the laying on of hands by those having authority to do so.

When Christ was Baptized he did not speak from Heaven and simultaneously descend as the Holy Ghost like a dove descends, while He was being baptized in the water. When Christ was in the Garden and on the Cross he did not pray to himself for deliverance or comfort. Prior to his ascension, Christ did not tell Mary to touch him not because He had not yet ascended to Himself.

The unity of Father and Son is made clear throughout the New Testament and particularly in the Gospel of John chapters 14, 15 and 16. It is not a unity of a ‘three in one entity’. Rather it is a perfect unity of purpose and will. Christ prayed that not only His apostles, but all those who the Apostles taught who believed could become just like He and His Father and enjoy the same type of unity. He also promised they all could inherit all the Father had, as He, Christ was inheriting.

Second: One of the issues addressed in the 5th century by the Third Ecumenical Council was the question of whether Mary should be venerated as Mother of God. This led to the Veneration of about 10,000 other “Saints” such as Ludmila, Boris I, John III Ducas Vatatzes, Pachomius, Shenute, Hilda of Whitby, Dagobert I, Denis, Hugh of Cluny, Hugh of Lincoln and the old standbys such as Peter, Paul and Bartholomew. Even a cursory reading of the Epistles in the New Testament makes clear the term “Saint” was the title by which all members of Christ’s Church were known. Paul makes this crystal clear in 1 Corinthians 1: “2 Unto the church of God which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints, with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours:” These were and continue to be, until the ‘Final Judgment’, simple members of Christ’s Church with no greater power than that of a regular member…(cont)

link :…luded-The-Book-of-Enoch-the-Book-of-Judas-etc

Woohoo! Talk about bending over backwards to make excuses. So killing, death and destruction is okay as long as it is God who is perpetrating it? So why exactly is God better than Satan? They both kill and destroy for their own amusement or should I say, “uncomprehendable reasons”? In fact, God has killed and destroyed more lives than Satan ever could in 1000 lifetimes:

  1. Flood of Noah, mjipange!
  2. Sodom and Gomorrah, mjipange!
  3. Egyptian firstborns, mjipange.
  4. The 42 children who mocked Elisha, mjipange!
  5. God burning Aarons sons after he didn’t like their offerings? Hehe.
  6. When a group of Jews tired of wondering in the dessert started complaining? God BURNED them.
  7. The 250 followers of Korah who offered Incense God did not like? God BURNED them.
  8. The Amorites who God sent hail stone to kill in order to assist Joshua in his war? Not to mention God stopped the sun and moon for 24hrs so that Joshua could have even more time to slaughter the Amorites. Hehe!
    Let me just stop there.
    @Christ the King @Purple @Beenie Are you guys sure you are on the side of the good guys?

any person who believes God has ANYTHING to gain from mankind,whom he created, is an idiot.
plain and simple
you would think an ALL-KNOWING Christian God already knew Job is on his side

Personally i prefer The God of many faces, Westori’s version is The Stranger[ATTACH=full]352890[/ATTACH]

You see, all these cases you have mentioned here have one thing in common, which is they all did something against God’s instruct. So ukifanya makosa mara mob after kuambiwa time and again, dont you think you are eligible for punishment? One of God’s character is that He is just. Hawezi fanya kitu without a perfect and true judgement behind it.
On the same token I also blame most pastors and spiritual leaders who only indict stories of God’s wrath and discipline on the masses which, naturally as humans draw us further away from Him. Haifai kua hivo. God is loving above all of His characteristics. He died for us which really is the epitome of His love. No one in this world, not even your mother will die for you my friend, considering He died a painful death knowing most people will still deny Him. Focus on the love part and follow His laws, then you wont be worried about His wrath.