My problem with the Virtuous Woman

@Finest wine and @Mzichi any comments?

Will comment laters after listening. Tuko is normally 1 hr long.

I could barely get through half of it. All this marriage talk is giving me a headache

I found a way of dealing with it. I used to listen to their stories, give advice as I deemed fit…then I realised it was a waste of my time. Because the next time I hear from them story ni ile ile, she has not done anything to resolve the issue.
I turn the tables on them these days coz I ask ‘so what do you think?’. Wanachoka…

These stories generate clicks and views.

Some of these women are perpetual whiners. If you are so unhappy in that marriage ship out please na maisha iendelee. Better to co-parent happily is my belief. I respect those that tell me ‘oh I can’t leave as I have nowhere to go, no job, no money’. And this is why I preach to young women ‘please soma sana and get a footing and a soft landing’ for you never know when tables could turn against you.
See even if I have not worked for quite a while now…I don’t ask my hubs for money for my philanthropy such as school fees for kazos. Hizo ni shugli zangu. So I don’t preach water and drink wine. Wanawake wasome sana more than men as we are the child nurturers.

Hii stori that marriages are boring ni upuzi. But the fact is there are few toxic feminist and many virtuous women

This one seems to have become a guru after divorce. She is so passionate about it after 18 years in what she claims was a bad marriage. I wonder which church she attends bcz she needs to be a pastor with all the passion she has. I think she is still hurting.

BTW most feminists either do not get married or have unconventional relationships like polyamory. So do not blame feminists for your issues as married people. You are your own worst enemy. That’s why you people are leading in HIV new infections bcz you are toxic pretenders. Shindeni hapo. Did a feminist put a gun to anyone’s head to be unfaithful? Shauri yenu. Kunywa ARV pole pole bila kutaja feminists. The highest toxin is avoiding condoms. Deal with that first. Why don’t you people wear CDs with mpango wa kando?

Heheee… I heard my mum telling my cousins (her nieces), to never let motherhood be an excuse of not accumulating some finances for yourself.

That is a prob. If it did not work for me does not mean it won’t work for someone else. Ebu I will listen later.

She was right.

Having a problem with scripture doesn’t affect it’s legitimacy.

This bible has asked us to turn the other cheek when slapped… Pray for our enemies, die for the word! If Prov 31 is offensive and unattainable, how can we be expected to suffer being skinned alive for the word like our brothers before us.

You can’t have a problem with scriptural text. The moment you claim superiority over scripture, contradicting what it says, you challenge the authority of God.

Proverbs 31 has nothing wrong about it!

What is so abhorrent about a hard working woman?

A woman fully-given to her family?

That is the type of spouse both men women should aspire to be… Christ-like in her love and service. Irregardless of whether the other spouse deserves it or not!

When we cherry-pick scripture, we question it’s legitimacy.

This was my point in the other thread. No one wants to hear from scripture! People would rather just contradict it!

Prov 31 is a woman given to her marriage… One with her husband. She invests in her marriage to the point of chipping in financially when she can. She is not ‘my money is my money, my husband’s money is our money’

This is one of the easier asks of scripture. We just happen to be a people sold to pride and self-importance. We can’t imagine scripture being right, especially when it asks is to change WHAT we are… Lord have mercy.

Here is a divorced woman speaking on marriage. Imagine a woman mentored by this one getting married to a man mentored by your friend Kevin Samuels.

And then expect such a marriage to work.

Someone MUST first play his part and fulfil his/her part of the marriage commandment before asking God to intervene in an unhappy marriage… Independent of what the partner is doing.

The righteous requirement is heavier on the man since he is the head since whoever has much, is required much.

That’s why I tell married men to take the first step and learn to love their wives unconditionally.

How shall we fulfill the commandment to love our enemies when we can’t love our spouses?

Mbinguni ni mbali!

Elsewhere the Bible says a good woman comes from the Lord, definitely it is addressed to men.

Those virtues referenced are good.

The same Bible says sin separates us from the blessings of God,some scriptures encourage believers to marry believers,so the context of proverbs 31 is a Godly husband…and he lacks nothing from her of value

that woman seems bitter,she is disregarding the fact that the same scripture says the man lacks nothing of value from her.And a man who sits among the elders of the land is not a lazy man.

Of course she is bitter. Do you expect her to be rejoicing after wasting her 18 years on an unfaithful man? This is what a bad marriage can do to a woman.

The devil uses godless men to destroy the loving and giving nature of women. That is why it’s better to be single than unequally yoked. This lady could have been a great minister of the gospel if she had listened to the Spirit concerning who to marry. A marriage of unfaithfulness is not of God especially with so many diseases.

As usual men will blame her and call her bitter never asking why she is bitter. No woman enters marriage to be disappointed. Women are so committed. Meanwhile men hurt women then come back to blame them for being bitter. Isn’t that how Satan operates? He lures you away from God with false promises, then when you start suffering he starts mocking you and accusing you of being bitter. For God He just wants you to repent and He puts your past behind and restores you.

I know God will heal her, I can see a positive change since her first interview where she was so angry. She is healing.