My prediction

The new elections laws won’t be used in this repeat election… Nasa will rush to the courts few days to the election seeking suspension of the laws and their wish will be granted…

please join kenya school of law(KSL)

bado watakutana na erastus githinji Alnashir R M Visram,Wanjiru Karanja(by the way huyu ni yule alifunga bwana yake na walikua wametoka nyumba moja hio asubuhi?) and others who will find “the high court judge erred”

Iebc is presenting it’s presentations today, let’s wait

But she has been quoted saying that Kenyans shall ‘eventually’ accept homosexuals.
She was CJ candidate

shait bad one that one

What if Uhuru puts his signature on the night of 25th?

And she couldn’t recuse for conflict of interest?

i guess it was the only instance she had gotten an upperhand

He he…I see what you gone done there…

Now, that’s a thought!
Pewa a piece of Migingo!