My Prediction: Senator Kindiki May Not Be Dethroned

This is a bold and risky prediction. I Suspect that many Anti-Dynasty senators will vote for Kindiki, even though they signed the peption for his removal. I expect voting to be by secret ballot and so people will vote with their heart since nobdy will “Punish” them for their vote. At the same time Weta is not in the house (He may come in later though) and people like Ole Kina might vote against the move. To me, the probability is 50%-50%.

The opposition has no use of a strong jubilee, the kieleweke has everything to lose if kindiki is not ousted. He is done! They all know is a dirty game and he does not deserve it but it is necessary. It is like jesus going to calvary, he didn’t desrve it but it was necessary. It is called the necessary evil for common good.

Tangatanga without intimidation stood at 22 senators. They Just needed 1 senator and have the motion fail. With a Secret ballot, Intimidation doesn’t work. If Ledama and Weta abstain, then the motion would fail.


If it will be by a secret ballot Kindiki might survive

Weta has said that he opposes it

He wont. He is done

Hahaha the no hata hazijafika 10:D:D:D:D:D:D

7 Nos. What happened to "We have members in both senate and national assembly?

Konyagi ameamua, kama mbaya ni mbaya

Should we close this thread?

only 7 opposed the motion

Mkono imeanguka finally the fisis have it. Penda Sana hii.

This has aged like milk.

It was not a secret ballot as I thought. Kieleweke even wanted to sneak in votes from people who were not in the house. Penye Uhuru ameshika Lusaka, kweli amemshika kabisa

It wasn’t by secret ballot

It was not a secrect ballot and it was never meant to be. They had to shout so that their bosses hear them.

Hii ndio inaitwa umafwi thread

How did weta and ole keino vote?

Weta opposed but did not attend