My prayer

Is that ruto and gasagwa work hard and prove us wrong that the next election we vote back a sound sober government .
If the chaps prove to us that dynasties were the problem what can make us not change jsks to sks (saviour kutoka sukoi)?
By the end of next year we will review about coining the new moniker .

Trump alishindwa kudrain the swamp.

Saviour from what yet they’re beneficiaries in new colours.

They are sober and ‘God’ fearing

People are judged from their past doings and not by the promises they give. We will need a strong opposition to keep these 2 thugs in check.

Ruto being sober is the equivalent of uhuru being rich hataiba. Mwizi ni mwizi tu.

:D:D:D:D:D elders wacheni machungu banae or electronics4u will lock the thread

Hizo vitu zitakuja baadaye. The first 2-3 years will be spent dismantling Kenyatta state capture. For example every cup of tea that civil servants drink, is brewed with Brookside milk. That’s going to stop very soon. Riggy G ndio atapewa hiyo kazi.

This is wishful thinking at best and sounds like a South-African model. But looking at our new leadership, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Lakini kasee wiitha Wii mundu kino muno.:D:D ulichocha watu hapa wakaweka Siasa kwa roho badala ya mapafu… uko wapi nikurushie balozi na goro goro Moja upike sembe.

Nothing like working, Ruto will simply loot the tax payers resources. Clean the shit and leave the government just like Mugabe left Zim

That is the norm in Kenya. The new regime dismantles the cash cows of the previous one and replaces them with their own. Expect the likes of Brookside, EABL, and other companies affiliated with the Kenyattas to be locked out of government tenders in the near future.

We expect Keroche to be sanitized in no time.

Think Kibaki…

KANU sympathiser and defender to the best President EVER…

Riggy G leo ako kwa bank kudai zile billions zilikuwa frozen. Sijui kama tutakula moshele na nyama Saturday?

:D:D:D:D:D vindya mbiwa iiiii niedeeye na kutwaa mikuni divu

Moi’s family is among the richest in the country, how many years has it taken to dismantle their cash cows? Kungu Muigai, Uhuru’s cousin is one of the masterminds of Ruto’s campaign. So how long will Ruto take to dismantle his cash cows? Like I said, wishful thinking at best.

Sawa chief.