My personal Message to Ktalk Team Kuingia Karura

Stupid boys, I salute by the name of Amadioha your ancestor. Were you circumcised? Is this what they taught you? OK.

Let me tell you something, when your child abouted, you are still a father, only that you are a father of dead children. Some of you more than 50 babies of yours have been abouted by different women because you ingiad karura or you took them to Marie Stopes or Planned Parenthood. Do you know who or what you are? You are Cain. You have killed your own blood. God is asking where are your children and you are arrogantly asking God am I day care or a nursery I’m I the keeper of my children. God is saying their blood is crying, imagine how much blood is crying against you, because of you. You have offered enough human sacrifice of the highest caliber. You are one of the 7 things God hates, shedders of innocent blood, the most innocent blood, the blood of your own unborn child. You are a regular at the altar of Molech offering child after child after child. My fren you will cry and not now but when you are old, when that mantis causing you to sire children to kill and throw away left right and center can no longer rise. Have you ever seen an old man crying? That will be you. The mark of Cain will follow you until you die. Unless you repent. Then one of your children will be a Murderer just like Cains son was. Blood is thick my fren those things you doing now without a second in the foolishness and arrogance of youth will follow your descendants to the 10th Generation.

Let me prove to you that hata uingia Karura, Booni, Congo or Amazon you are still a father.

Diamond father left his mom akaingia Karura I bet Diamond had no idea who the father was and since Esma and the other one was from another dad which is what happens when you as a, man make a woman a single mother, you make her a prey for other men, you ruin her reputation and life, you serve Satan diligently killing, stealing and destroying. So when Diamond became a star, what happened, how did who his father was come out? Diamond didn’t know the guy, the mother had nothing have anything to gain to show people the father, infact she is now even saying that another man who has big lips is the father. You see what I am telling you. Even if you go to another country, YOU ARE STILL THE FATHER you idiot and one day when you have forgotten completely, the way the Bible says your sin will find you at the end of the day. Just ask Diamond father if he knew he would be exposed world wide. Akiingia Karura. Sasa kila mtu anajua yeye ni babake Diamond. People who know him, those who do not know him, now know aliingia Karura in his old age he is being humiliated world wide, he is begging for acceptance from his son the same same way Diamond would cry when he would see other children with their dads, the rejection Diamond suffered. The pain. Mungu ni nani? Now it is Diamond’s dad being rejected in front of the whole world. Being abandoned and being ignored not privately among ktalk small group, or his boy friends wahuni wa toroka mimba Kamiti, INFRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD. Usicheze na Mungu.

Unabeba gunia unaingia matatu and your humiliation is broadcast to the whole world, when your son who, you abandoned is the most popular man in the country who gifts people V8s mpaka he gifted Lava Lava wewe hata Bajaj yenyewe ng’o huna. Like the Bible says, he sowed the wind now he is reaping the whirlwind. He ingiad Karura in Kigoma. Now he is begging for his son in front of the entire world. Na mtoto ameigua Amazon forest you can only acess him through viusasa. God has hidden his face from you, He just hardens your child’s heart more and more no matter how much you pray or cry. He is giving you an advanced of your own medicine. Kula ujeuri yako exponentiated. God can slap you until you wish the ground opens up and swallows you. If you know what God can do to you my friend you will tremble. Me I can’t even con someone a Bob bcz God has shown me how He hates people who oppress others. If I just steal, I will lose that money somehow before the sun sets Tena the exact amount ndio nijue Mungu aliona the exact amount. Mpaka I fear excess change kuna siku I argued with a cashier achukue excess akakataa I said God si umeona ni yeye amekataa sijamwibia . Even if it’s a Bob God sees, that’s how just God is. Alafu unajifanya wewe ndio unajua kutesa watoto. Watoto wanashinda wakililia baba Yao ako wapi. My friend when God gets tired utalia. I know babake Diamond in spite of putting a brave face in public, he cries everyday in regret over kuingia Karura. Usicheze na Mungu. He’s not your age mate. Babake Diamond thought he was a jogoo he knows how to humiliate women and children, now that God is humiliating him in his old age, I bet he does not feel like much of a jogoo now, old, ignored, rejected, humiliated, exposed to the world and poor. With the most loaded man in his country having his DNA running in his veins.

The Bible says, everything done in darkness, every Karura entered, will be shouted on the roof top. We saw with Kori Karue having an affair, infact he was having 5 baby mama’s he had abandoned his first wife in Kayole to go to marry a mistress, the 40 days reached, the whole country now knows all his baby mamas, his main mistress Mary Kamangara was murdered, singing Ekueme and Yesu nipe nguvu nimalizie safari salama(if you have stolen another woman’s husband do not sing those songs on Facebook live imba ile ya Nandi and Sanapei and other adultery songs they’re very many because there are some dangerously anointed songs, they will summon your judgment faster), do not be deceived, God can not be mocked, whatsoever a man or a woman shall sow that shall he or she reap, what did she tell Koris wife? Let us meet all 3 of us and let him choose. Now it is her co mistress she went to sweet talk why wasn’t she telling her they all meet and he chooses who he wants vile alimwambia Bibiye Kori who is wallowing in poverty in Kayole as Kori is taking women to Malaysia pepo chafu. Remember her and Wangaris eating one bone (that symbolism Satan can humiliate you, anajua kuenjoy mtu in a very ironic way and btw Satan is the one who reports people to God who look like Pastor’s on FB when they are living in adultery ) and then Wangari killing her with the pressure cooker (fear God, be very afraid unashinda FB live ukiimba annoited songs and you are proudly living with another woman’s husband? Mocking God on a daily basis pretending to be a Christian? My friend unacheza na wrong number, Unafikiria Mungu ni nyanyako umuenjoy live on Facebook? Looking so holy worshipping in your car when you are witch) the other one is in jail, pregnant with his child, her own child is languishing with her mother while she was in Nairobi driving Benz and living in an expensive apartment her child and mother is languishing in shags. At times we should stop tempting Satan. As for Kori instead of taking this as a serious warning bado tuu anaendelea na Umalaya I’ve never seen such a fool in my life before 40 days of mourning instead of going to a prayer mountain to repent he is back to womanizing with a bang. Wait for the end of that man, the Bible says a man who does not heed warning will soon be broken beyond healing.

But I digress, all I am telling you is that you will surely regret this lifestyle you are busy misleading one another here, goading each other on, consequences are individual, you will not come to red peels support group woi nilingia mitini karura now I am facing public humiliation.

Let me tell you, as a human being God does not need 2 days to finish you or even 1 complete day or even an hour but He’s just long suffering because He has no pleasure in your destruction then unajipiga kifua ati wewe ni jogoo, my friend Shetani hukula sana majogoo kama nyinyi when God removes His hand of mercy and protection from you, you will fall like a house of cards. Is God unjust? Certainly NOT.

2 Peter 3 8
But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and (L)a thousand years as one day. 9 (M)The Lord is not slow concerning His promise, as some count slowness, but (N)is longsuffering toward [c]us, (O)not willing that any should perish but (P)that all should come to repentance.

Some of the bad things that happen to you men it’s because God is tired of your baby mommas and your kids tears, day and night, the blood of the babies you killed 20,50 babies the cries rising to God against you are too much that God has to do something. You will surely regret this lifestyles

Amen. The thread on the girls abortions on tiktok brings me to tears. Obviously, those girls did not make themselves pregnant. Therefore, there is a man accountable for those abortions who will pay a price at some point.

Nothing more to add. Preach Mwari preach.

…and the men will ask themselves why are things not working out in their lives despite the hard work. It’s sad to hear a grown up say nilikula slices zangu nkaingia karura…it’s not good hio ni ukatili no difference between them and alshabab, alqueda or boko haram…

2 Samuel 22:26-27
“To the faithful you show yourself faithful;
to those with integrity you show integrity.
27 To the pure you show yourself pure,
but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd.

Psalm 18:26

With the pure You show Yourself pure, And with the wicked You show Yourself a wrestler,

The thing about women is double standards. When you want her to keep a pregnancy they will tell you it’s her body and her choice whether to keep it or not. Now when you don’t want the pregnancy she will tell you she wants to keep it and if she aborts it’s your fault. Women!!!

It’s very cruel and unwise to throw away your children. There is a mzee, now dead, who separated from his wife and children many years ago. Afterwards he married another woman and completely ignored the first family. His children were raised by uncles and grandparents till they became adults, the grandparents gave them lands to build and live on. One day the only daughter from the (estranged wife) who had become quite successful came home to visit her parents from abroad (actually her uncles and aunties–the mother died when they were kids). The father heard about her coming, and had the audacity to go to his inlaw’s home so as to see his daughter. Of course the lady had never met the old man and so she completely refused to talk to him. Aliuza, huyo ni nani sasa, has he just remembered 30 years too late that he has a daughter? He died a few years ago, never having met her.

WOMEN suffer even more for their choices. Aboution causes breast cancer, could render a woman infertile etc. My point is that men also receive their comeuppance usually in their old age when they are not so macho anymore.

…there are factors that determine whether she keep the pregnancy or carry out an abortion. And the major determinants are the man’s financial status and his character…

Kuingia karura is pure stupidity and clear irresponsibility… if the man does not want a baby, let him condomize. If the baby comes, take care of it…

Very sad indeed. I personally believe that it is my responsibility to take care of my kids whether we are in agreement with the mother or not, They have all rights as all my children. I know that there are many reasons why men go to Karura especially if the mother is trying to use the kids to extort them… but work out issues for the best of the kids… Having said that I do not have any kids out there and even when I have strayed, the CD is always kwa mpango…

I went down some rabbit hole on YouTube and found myself watching a clip where it was being explained God has a place for all kids aborted,if you get there you will see your aborted kid all grown, asking God why you killed them.

Karura ni lazima tuingie, riwe rawaro!

Bill yako iko tuu. Either ulipe sasa ama ulipe baadaye kama Land rates za kanjo. The longer you stay the basic amount is compounded then you pay interest and penalties on the compounded amount. Ikifika substantial amount ndio utawaona waki auction nyumba yako. Just for refusing to pay 5k a year. My fren usifikiria wewe ndio mjanja kuliko God. Pia yeye akiamua akuingia Karura my fren, utajiju. Tafuta Babake Diamond and many other wazee, God aneza kukumaliza financially na abariki hao watoto just to humiliate you in your old age, ama God curses those you consider your legitimate kids and blesses wenye ulitupa just to repay you for your evilness. Utakosa furaha ya Maisha hata kama una pesa, vitauma vyungo vyako usiku hutalala, machos tuu. How many old men have you seen going through this, so many. A wise man learns from other people’s mistakes. Nyinyi chochaneni, in the end, kila mtu atauchukua mzigo wake mwenye. Siku hio yaja Tena kwa vishindo, you will no longer be a lion but a rained on cat like Baba Diamond.

You know the saddest part is that this was not some random woman, it was his wife. This was long before the era of cds or gender politics. Walikosana, halafu mwanamke akarudi kwao na watoto, as women customarily did when there was trouble. The man didn’t follow up to get her or the children back. But fate can be cruel.
From what I was told, during the separation, the woman was returning home one evening across a grassy field on her father’s land, when a snake bit her. She never saw it in the poor dusk light. In fact she thought her leg had just been pricked by a large thorn as she went through a gap in the hedge. Her people only knew what had really happened when the leg began to swell quite fast. She was in numbing pain, foaming and getting feverish. Then they understood what it was from the tiny set of holes punched into her ankle by the fangs. Within 10 mins she couldn’t walk. The dispensary was a long way off, and although they took her to hospital, she was dead by morning, leaving behind 4 kids, one an infant. You can imagine how hard it must have been for them. The man ignored all appeals to come and decide the children’s future, so the woman’s brothers took charge and raised their sister’s kids along with theirs. It’s really hard to feel sorry for a man like that.

I agree with you… if this is what we mean by “going to Karura” then we are giving some naive villagers the wrong advice here! That man was just irresponsible and cruel to his own blood and he is cursed!

Wekanga summary mimi kusoma nakuaga na shinda

Yeah, that was an evil deed

We have grown to be very irresponsible men indeed, may be this needs to be a thread on its own… we should not be proud of this whatsoever!