My parents are cousins - longish documentary

If the video doesn’t attach go to YouTube and type My Parents Are Cousins. It’s the video with 46:52 length

I thank God I am Bantu and believe in the Bantu way of life.

What is the Bantu way of life?
Is it the one where you just get to secretly shag your cousins and don’t have to marry them??..

Bantus don’t marry in their clan. It’s a taboo.

I named my son “BANTU” :smiley:

Marrying of cousins is common in many cultures. In the west, it used to happen quite often.

Infact Europeans are considered to be very homogenous genetically to the point that one geneticist said that they are almost cousins.

In Africa, its the opposite. Africans are the most genetically diverse peoples in the world

Reasons why am heading to county #16

Whats wrong with these people surely? Why marry your cousin in the first place, and especially when you know it will bring problems later on?

This is below basement level baboon IQ…


:D:D:D:D Most Kenyans have done that.

 :eek::eek:even at my wildest phase I didn’t consider it to be an option. A cousin is like a sister bana
House helps na friends of your sisters were plenty

inadepend ulilelewa wapi pia

he meant fucking them.Wakamba wanatombanaga wenyewe kwa wenyewe but wako na adabu kidogo hawakuli immediate relatives