My Opinion

If, while alive, you can write a will leaving all your property to your sister, and leaving none of your property to your wife, you deserve to DIE a painful death.

Any woman who comes across such a will, will murder you, and the gods will not help you.
She might be jailed, but you will die.
Your sister will never enjoy the property.

You cannot use our women like trash, and will your properties to strangers.

With those few remarks, am happy foolish men who disinherit their women are being done away with.

Unaongea hivyo juu bado hujarushwa kwa stairs. Ukisharushwa kwa stairs uone kifo na mecho I am certain utaleta maoni tofauti.

Uliza hawa wanaume wakuambie vile kunaendaga :

I will give her half my wealth tuachane kwa amani. Bora Uhai. Hapana kufa kama mbwa ju ya pesa. Cohen died like a foolish man. Unapea sistako pesa yote na wife wako hakuna kitu unampea, after umemtomba io miaka yote, lazima ulipie. He could have paid with his own money but because he was a foolish racist he paid with his own life

Ukijipata umeoa jangili itabidi uipatie pesa muachane kwa amani, otherwise utakufa. Many people have lost their lives resisting to cooperate with robbers. Kama umeoa jangili there is no way out. Ni jangili. Mpe pesa muachane.

This one below had money. She just wanted the nigger dead!

Why did he insist on staying at the family house, when the Bible insists its better to live on the rooftop than in same house with a quarrelsome woman?
Kama maisha iko hatarini you run away. You accept to lose that house. To spare your life. He valued the house more than his life

You know as the husband you don’t accept that she could do it to you until it’s too late.

There was a guy in Kiambu I think, the guy was stabbed the first time he didn’t die but refused to accept reality. He didn’t file a charges.

The second time she almost ripped of his head with an assistant’s help. They saw all the blood in the kitchen and thought he was dead. Sikumbuki alijitoa aje kwa hio nyumba. He has a huge scar on his neck.

But finally he accepted the lady was an animal and filed charges. Love blinds I guess.

Alisema pia that he has been poisoned but he thought it was bad food but in hind sight the picture became clear much later.

Halafu tena when you leave the wazees, your parents and pastors bring you back together for the sake of the children. Ati msameheane…

kwanza pastor akijua ndoa iko na issues anatake advantage kukamua bibi or kuside na mwanaume ju ya sadaka.

Gari ya pastor na haijamaliza kulipwa hawezi achilia deacon aende tu hivyo. :smiley:

The inlaws upande wa mama, don’t want to lose the monthly stipend. A lot is at stake here.

Do you know that most women’s wills do not feature the husband?? Your wife’s will hauko, take that to CBK so that the next time you try telling grown men who have seen it all what to do with their will, your head won’t be so far up your ass. 99% of all married men have already been disinherited by their wives, yet a dumb ass retard like you has nothing to say about that. Instead you are busy attacking the 1% of men who chose to disinherit their kunguru wives. Men need a valid reason to disinherit their wives, that’s why only a few do so. Women don’t need a reason to disinherit their husbands. That’s why 99% have already done so.

Damn right! we leave our money and assets to our children. Therefore since today’s foolish man has decided lazima akuwe na mpango wa kando aka SQ who never invested a bean in his or our assets and they zaa for them…we have come up with a new strategy. Hakuna OUR money.

there is a reason for that. men marry a few months after the burial, and neglect the kids. widows stay single the rest of their lives, to protect the kids.

There is also a reason for what you stated. And don;t be stupid. This isn’t 1970. Women also marry after their husband’s death. It goes both ways.

But only a foolish one can marry after hubby’s death and leave the assets to the hungry ben10. It is all about wealth here. If one is to marry afterwards marry a moneyed man who is not after your late hubby’s wealth. How many times shall I preach that the girl child needs to stay in school, get educated and schooled all in one until she is 24!!!
By KTalk lying jizees 24 is too old for the jibabas but at 24 she can already identify a fisi from a non fisi. Marrying a girl at 18 is criminal. Amadioha forbid I get a dorra…

Then whats the point of marriage bro?

Yeah sure, that is what Msando’s wife did

msando never left any will or properties. he left debts.

Ai? Na vile jamaa niliskia alikuwa anabuy pombe kubuy!