My magic mushrooms experience

After giving up on looking for LSD, I decided to give shrooms a try. This small packet of three grams cost me 6k and I have to say that it is the most insane thing I have ever experienced in my life. I only ate like half of it. Nothing feels real.

How exactly do/did you feel

Chunga blood pressure bro


Reminds me of the village con by the name @Dr_Kerre_PhD among others. Washa nikunywe fobe ire ninajua

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Hey @kemosabe

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Yep. Some parts of the brain should just be left as is. Psychedelics maze nimewekea brakes.

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What happened hallucinations ama nini

Yeah. Hiyo chapter nimefunga.

Aliosha OP some 5k the other day under the handle @anthony something.

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I’ll stick to my alcohol and college hoes. Apart from weed and alcohol i tried Kuber ile ya wahindi nikiwa high school many years ago. I think Kuber version is Lyft nowdays. Hiyo kitu inalevya mwenda but for afew mins though


I have never touched kuber lakini sasa maneno ya experimenting wirh drugs nimeeka halt. Weed hunipea a lot of anxiety so hiyo niliwachana nayo. But hizi shrooms, catch me dead ever using that stuff again.


Hii kitu ni wazim unaweza faint ukufe

Velo iko aje? Leteni reviews

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Naona elders mmefika self actualisation.yaani mnasample kila Mali yote ya ulevi

Tulikuwa tunachapa in early 2000 nikiwa High school

I dont do dipping bro…alcohol or weed when in the mood

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Chunga utaanza kuona machali wanakaa madem utamani mkia

You are supposed to microdosed to get positive effects.

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