My Luo partner/wife of 2 years has refused to have sex

hello people, i have this luo lady in my house. she is actually my wife. she came with her 9 year old boy. i now have a 9 month child with her. now the problem is that after she gave birth to my child, she has really changed. she has become rude and does not want to have sex with me. infact we have never had sex for almost 6 months now. my house is 3 bedroom. she sometimes sleep with her 9 year old son in his room. and she does that the most when we have a quarrel or there is a fight between us. she has the guts to go sleep with her son. please guys help me. what should i do in such a situation?

Easy same as the guy who’d given her the 9 year old boy. Ngong forest beacons

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First big mistake is marrying a woman with a child, second mistake is that oneitis is killing you, third mistake is scarcity mindset is wired in you.
My advice: Go out and find another woman

Ulijaribu kufuga kunguru. I bet you that’s not your child. She’s angry at the real father coz amevuka boni forest.

wewe ni kabila gani?

You have grounds for divorce. Give her an ultimatum and if she doesn’t change, if she’s not sick or suffering from postnatal depression, just ukichwa ngumu, send her packing.

what do you mean longpole? if am getting you right you are saying she wants to do to me the same thing she did to the father of her 9 year old boy. is that right?


or you mean i ditch her also? problem is she has bore me a baby boy. he is 9 months now and i really dont want to let her go with my own son.

Maybe you are not the second child’s father also hence the behavior

thats what i was thinking but mtoi wangu manze sitaki aende na yeye. coz from the way i see her behaviour and actions ni ukichwa ngumu tu ndio ako nayo. does postnatal depression go all the way to almost 10 months? coz my son has entered 10 months this may.

Just set alarm ya kitu 5, then carefully insert your dick in her mouth. Once all in, slap her hard.

what? no the boy looks like exactly like me. hata wewe ukimuona na unione utasema huyu ni wako kweli. he is mine thats am very much sure. i think her behaviour could be something else. i have started thinking crazy things that she could have done or could be doing that are leading to her behaviour. like pengine amekuliwa huko enje bana.

whats that suppose to achieve? itamutoa ujinga ama?

The worst mistake you did was kuoa mjaluo. Hao madem mileage yao huwa juu mbaya.

She has stopped having sex with you because her mission of her giving sex to you is over. She only had sex with you so as to trap you in a marriage which is successfully complete.

And the funny thing enough: did you know a woman cannot love another man after she has become a single mother (due to very many reasons)

But she’s lucky she found a simp like you

bana she has refused to have sex with me completely. then what pains me is that she sometimes on the same with her 9 year old boy in his room. hii ni ushenzi ama nini??

Show dominance!!

what?? is that true bro?? so marrying a single mother is a waste of time??

get a damn dna test. mi sijawai ona mtu anaweza fanya dna test na macho.