My landcruiser fetish and mastubation

I have an addiction that i have to confess (not the usual fapping aka hand to gland combat by majority of perverts around here), but an addiction to the landcruiser j70 series. The one pictured is a j76 from south africa loaded with a 1vd-ftv 4.5 litre single turbo diesel engine mated to a 5 speed manual transmission, which makes it happier at 1,500 rpm rev range rather than over 2,500 rpm.
Locally we have the 4.5 litre 1fz-fe straight six petrol, very good sound but very thirsty and world renowned for its reliability where its commonly referred to as the efi.(ukisema landcruiser efi in many countries mtu atajua exactly what you are referring to just like saying box, v8, lawnmower,nguruwe and the likes) those who still have them swear by them). I like that I can crawl in high range with the EFI and it behaves like a diesel in low revs. If putting pertol more often is not a problem then it would be my choice. As long as it is maintained well it will last you a lifetime. Mariamu is a perfect reference…akina sparta na starscream wanaijua. If you know you know.
In japan we have the 30th anniversary 1gr-fe v6 petrol only found in japan. The v6 needs high revs to come alive but is quicker than the turbocharged v8 diesel. The v8 is maybe better tow vehicle, but that’s about the only reason for buying a V8, the V6 is even cheaper to maintain, apart from the purchase price. The V6 is still a Toyota engine and I’m sure it is tough. I just don’t think the EFI should have been replaced but that is Toyota’s approach: over-engineer and underperform to ensure longevity. Honestly i think the v6 isnt an improvement over the efi just a guzzler tu coz this isn’t a car you buy to set laptimes.
There are many other engines on this model like the 1kz on the j70 series prado, turbo charged 1hd-fte also found in the 100 series landcruiser, there is even a 2.4 litre straight four engine ile huwa mnaita 2l kwa hilux pickup. This beast comes with over 14 engine types but i just wanted to mention a few.

From the little research i have done if i decide to buy the 1vd fte v8 diesel, swapping a bigger turbo, front mount intercooler, better intake fully enclosed and mated to the snorkel plus a fine tune, four port brakes front and rear and a few inches lift and changes to the diff and suspension, this would make my boxer counterparts pee their own pants from the roar of the mighty v8.

Now my question is simple, how can i import a reliable VDJ76R GXL 5-door wagon ,key word 76 not the hard top 79 and its ambulance looking sibling? Should i try importing one from south africa? Is it worth the hassle and cost. In australia many are advised to go for the prado j150 if they are not serious off roaders. From what i have heard in australia this cars go through a lot of abuse and hence importing one would be suicide.

And finally a picture that is not in any way related to cars just for the wankers… i will not mention any names. Lets keep it simple gentlemen, do not post anything that would not be out of place at a muguka base.[ATTACH=full]224385[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]224385[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]224387[/ATTACH]

Yangu ni w124 na w126.

Hii yako ni hatari sana, when i was growing up only the rich and highly ranked in society owned it. It was a status symbol, today it is driven by those who inherited from their parents and the old rich guys yani ‘old money’. Kama unaipenda sana you can convert it to a rolls royce which is common workd wide.[ATTACH=full]224389[/ATTACH]

These Landcruisers have become available of late. You aren’t sold on the V6? What about the suspension system? Is it fully articulated?

I’ve actually been comparing the Landcruiser with this Defender 130.

GXL 76 ni gari ya Australia. Zenye kdf hutumia ni gani?

siwezi waste pesa kununua vitu kama hizi na iko mtu analala njaa mahali nje akiwa half uchi,
siwezi tamani tabia za mzungu

Yangu ni w124 na w126.

Kuna neighbor yetu zamani alikuwa w123 mbili moja yake na bibi hizo siku yeye ndiyo alikuwa upper middle class hizo siku.[ATTACH=full]224394[/ATTACH]


Sema tu hauna pesa :D:D:D peasants are also welcome here

nop, 76. 79 ni pickup

Na je ukapewa patrol? Toyota hazina balance ni kuanguka anguka kama mlevi. Y60 baba yao.


si umenunua bundles na io 50 bob umeweka ungepea maskini akule meals tatu


79 ni pick up,then 78 ni troop carrier. Check around africa hii kitu ilikuwa inatumiwa na rebels huko west africa hadi wazungu decided to name the conflict ‘toyota war’

sinanga pesa

you don’t make sense

The stability ya hii ni uber awesome

Normal leaf spring ya hizo technicals husurvive recoil ya hio weapon?