My IQ is 106

Just did an official test pale

This means that huku Kenya, where average IQ is 80, I can be a superstar. Nikienda majuu where average IQ is in the hundreds, I will be just an average guy. So what is better? Being an average guy huko majuu, or a superstar in a shithole?


Well sounds to me your IQ test didn’t cover the common sense section

Ulisikia superstars ni wale watu wako na iq kubwa?

issa fact of life, upende usipende

Hapa kenya watu wa 3 digit iq ni kama nani na nani?

hata wenye waliunda iq haven hawawezi fikia early inventors

An IQ test score done online is an not accurate test of your IQ.
There is more to IQ than answering a few questions online.

Matrix-based IQ testing takes into consideration all those things you are thinking of. It barely has any biases since it’s just pattern-matching, which is how intelligence can be summarized

There’s nothing that has been created that can comprehensively assess all aspects of human intelligence.

People in Mensa thought it was interesting how every member had a high IQ yet some were in really interesting fields applying their genius while others were middling.
Sometimes it’s lack of opportunity. Contentment… it could be a myriad of things. But at the end of the day IQ doesn’t determine your place in life. It just says you can identify abstract ideas, identify patterns and process things without having to have a prior education in them.

Minimum I’ve scored on those IQ tests is 135 and max is about 155. Sounds fake but I’m also a person who does cryptic crosswords. Advanced sodoku on cracking the cryptic, play bullet chess and pass these type of exams like the KQ entry one on my first try.

But someone else who is simple but hardworking and takes chances will go though life better. You don’t need to be genius for that

:D:D:D:D:D… The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale or the Stanford-Binet test is a more comprehensive test ,hapa pata anything over 130 and you are good to go

Capondi still thinks you’re a chimpanzee.

:D:D:D:Drusha ngumi polepole…hizi zenye unarusha zitangoa mwanakijiji shingo

Kiraitu and Khalwale.

Khalwale naeza itikia, Kiraitu hapana.

pigs ua:D:D

My IQ is 91. But I can beat y’all in any math, science, geography, language comprehension exam on any day.

Uwongo, leta evidence


I don’t need to lie. Did these tests in the past when abroad. I even passed that preliminary test to get into Mensa. An organization some people don’t know exist but I did because I was looking into getting into it.

And the KQ entrance exam. Ask any pilot you know about it. It’s starts off with many people and each step you go more and more people drop off until maybe you are 10 people out of hundreds