My husband allowed me to sleep with my pasta

Hii dunia nikuisha inaisha

I think for this girl who is even discussing events during COVID, it is too early to air such for she could not have properly changed. Or may be she is an agent for some other cultic forces…

Jojina I have just read a thread about a pastor who impregnated his teen daughters in Jamu…what on earth is the world coming too?

Mama some of these pastas are occult. They are very bad.

Can you give us translations? Or are these videos only meant for members of a certain community.

I will. Lemme listen again then I break it down. I don’t know why they don’t put sub titles like Tuco does for non swahili speakers for the other tribes coz even me I don’t know some kiyuk words so I must guess.

mavi kila mahali

I understand this Kikuyu… In fact she is speaking Nyeri dialect… I still do not trust her… I just do not know why… So she was being penetrated by a snake that actually ejaculated into her that she was walking while the cum was dripping down her feet? And that it is sweeter to be ‘done’ by a snake? How now? I think she is an agent who wants others to join her out of curiousity… There is no evidence that even if she was truthful from the start of the story that she genuinely changed for the better…

But can you imagine his daughters? Now they are pregnant with his kids. I can’t get my head round this one.

Wakorino and other sects have a lot of issues