My housemate.

A long time buddy requested to be housed by me as he trying to sort himself.
I let him in and gave him the seconf bedroom.
All has been well until last night.
We went for a drink from afternoon since it was a holiday these ends.
By 10pm i decided to go home and rest while he decided to sample some club.
Come 4am the fellow turns up thought he was alone but i was wrong.
A chips funga was in tow.
Well what went down after five minutes was hell for me.
Soundtracks were playing right left and centre with cooling breaks.
I felt like knocking the door and ask them to tone it down.
I couldnt sleep any longer as the fellow fired the lady for fucking four rounds then he snored.
The dudes cell aint going through and it got me thinking is my house still safe though i left locked.
Please note we have separate keys to my crib.
By the time i left for work the dude was still snoring.
Since am out of this town working cant wait to go back home nione kama tulioshwa.
Am anxious now.
Have you ever housed such fellows?

Bona hampendi kuoa ??

noma what was the time period for housing him, if he can afford to maintain even a single room he should be out the door. Its not a must he stays in a 20k a month house, he can as well take a single room ya 3500 ajijenge pole pole na huko atakamua malaya kila wakati akitaka na akiibiwa itakua vitu zake pekee


Celebrating Martyr’s day the right way!

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At least he’s not gay like Waweru. I wouldn’t worry so much about him.

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leta bibi kwa nyumba

[QUOTE=“madova, post: 65038, member: 1087”

“I couldnt sleep any longer as the fellow fired the lady for fucking four rounds then he snored”


How does a person do 4 rounds o_Oo_O, @madova am unable to have a roommate I guess I like my privacy

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ehehe ehe…ulikuwa unazihesabu…kandanganye toto jinga------------------->hukooo Kenyagen.

Labda after each round kulikuwa na a round of applause


@madova acha fombe na fangi!

Umesahu kusema 4 fucking HAWT rounds…Chunguza kwanza if the fired pussy is now a martyr, if alive and kicking letea yeye mwingine na wewe uzidi na 5 wives kama bado huwes funga pia…Lazima kuna vile tabia zenu ni same only that hiyo siku hukufunga chipo…that’s why he had the guts to bring a chipo to yo crib


Niki gikoragwo kiiru nawe…:confused::confused:


Need we say more?

Si unasound msweet ukiuliza hiyo swali…wachana na shida zangu…lets discuss on what you have…I’ll try five rounds…

Five rounds of what? kwanza tuambie round ni ninio_O

Weh @troller , your current housemate is upset with you! Go sort your issues!

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Akinipa nachotaka najua ntapata the right definition of five rounds…

@madova Pewa mbili hapo liquid Silk on my bill

@Ice-cube,The count down begins.
@Okiya,Yeah thats how the shit went down man.
@Purr_27,Guess he was high on some stuff.I literally counted them.Me too untill i welcomed the fellow.
@DI TICHA,Mimi siwezi funga aint my personality n neither did i have proir info about it.oooh yes am pissed.
@Electronics4u,Wacha kujifanya buda kwani unafikiria ni za boxing?
@Alchemist,Wallahi si bangi wala ndogogio.