My house mate woes part 2

Villagers,I think my patience has been tried and tested to the maximun by the time i decide to bring it up in this village.I accuse him of the following;
[li]Breaking the second bedroom bed which has not been repaired till now while he was shaggin some nyako.[/li][li]I feel he is getting comfortable by enjoying my movies and audio system and not working that hard to kick start his business like he has been telling me.[/li][li]All the house bills are on me which include feeding him at some point.mind you i always go out with him so the drinks are always on me and my friends.Lately i have heards whispers from my pals about the same too.[/li][li]Most of the time he is always at home but cant take initiative of cleaning the crib or calling someone to do it.I have to wash the utensils myself nikitoka waks .All that is left to me.[/li][li]My privacy has been compromised in certain ways.(Those moments you just want to chill and smoke or watch whatever you want without makelele ama story mingi.[/li][/ul]
My wife keeps on telling me am soft on people and all i do is to help yet am being used because of my kindness,But by now i have began to see her point or is it the ideas she has been planting in my head?
How do i tell him to look for a place to stay mind you am shifting to another apartment in the next 2 days.
Hebu nipeni maoni jameni because i have totally failed to understand this friend of mine.

Is this the ugandan dude you wrote about sometime back? Kama ni huyo you better give him the talk about him maning up and taking responsibility. By the way how old is he and when did u 2 become friends?

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Tell him you need time on your own and family . Such friends are not worth sympathy . I hosted several and in the end the guy who i helped most took off with my house hold items and that day i had hustled hard to get him fare.

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akikamua bibi yako it will be easy so tulia mblo…


Mlipie kanyumba jua kali

WHAT??? what do you mean wife na mara housemate? kwani you live in a manyatta?


Does your wife go to work too? She may have a clue as to how the bed in the second bedroom broke… Tuanzie hapo


So unaosha utensils wife (nyako) waki break bed na your fiend

Just tell him your wife and kid (s) are coming to stay in Kla from Kenya for a while and you need the extra bedroom. Give him some days (it’s end month anyway) to vacate and search for new accomodation. Ama kama unahama, it makes things easier, just take your stuff na umwambie abaki hapo and move into a smaller house like a bedsitter or one bedroom

Unaosha vyombo bibi akiwa Wapi? What is this now? Equality?


From your earlier post, you indicated that you live in a company’s rent free house. If you are forgiven, then forgive others.

I always try to avoid getting myself in such awkward situations by not accepting such free riders in my house coz wakishaangia there is no easy way of getting them out without bruising the friendship one was trying to save.

Believe me it’s not easy to deny people a place to live but I have done it and still do it. I’d rather give some1 cash akajipange.

Kama ni wa mgeni wa upto 1 week sawa but beyond that lazima ujisort.

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That is the second bed to break, right?
A guy who screws to the point of breaking two beds deserves a medal, not exile. Weka number yake hapa.

Meanwhile, evidence of broken bed is needed, otherwise utakua kama yule jamaa wa kilimani mums who psychs ladies about a super fucka, na kumbe ni yeye.

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Tafta bibi ya pili huko naufukuze hio malenge. If you don’t have the balls, some weed and waragi will help.

Uko na bibi na unaosha viombo?

the only mistake hapo ni kukosa kuosha vyombo

I think the problem is you. How can you host a stranger in your house na uko na bibi na unaosha vyombo!

oooh boy…

if hes really ur pal…rent him a kasmall hse smwhere…a bed sitter or a single room otherwise u risk loosing ur wife n ur household…

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hehe…nikiosha vyombo bibi ana chip in rent ama pesa ya kunua chakula…period

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hamia one bedroom or even a bedsitter kama bibi ako kenya, wachana na hiyo malenge kwani hawezi afford single room? huyo atakuibia akihama watch this space

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