My hate for sin.....

This is something that keeps me from doing things that would make me “impress” the devil…well, i know that i am not in the same league as the devil…i wouldn’t stoop down to his level…
sometimes I sin, not because i want to but rather unknowingly…I repent as soon as i know that i have done something that is not right…
Psalms 92 …
Sometimes, someone wrongs me and i want to revenge, but when i remember that the devil would be so much delighted in that and he can make me do something which is far drastic that i wanted na bado yeye ndio ataenda kunishtaki i stop myself…I thank God for self control…as the bible records…he roams around seeking for one to devour…
I know that i am not perfect but i am perfected in God…!!God’s grace is sufficient, His mercies unending and love constant…!! I know who i am…child of the Most High…!!The devil got nothing on me…!!

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Tell the devil you did not find me…smh!!!

I belive in unicorns


Is this all about dry spell OP?

Did you know Atheismo calls wife “the devil”? And she loves it.

But she can be a real devil woman, like flicking lights in at 4 in the morning when she has to wake up early, or making devil salads that taste and smell like devil’s anus, or just being a devil.

nice 1 @ phylgee

You do know that God has a Name. Use it.

endeni church mkasome hiyo storybook yenu polepole muache kusumbua