My hands

What could be disturbing me? I have gone to clinic twice, one doctor told its cement allergy but the last time i touched cement is 2014, the second one told me it fungal infection nimekunywa dawa naona bado siko ivo[ATTACH=full]261047[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]261048[/ATTACH]


Could be a mineral defiency. And you’re making it look worse by peeling off the dead skin. Let it be. Eat well.

Have you used this soaps that are liquid especially in eating joints…Keep off those soaps. Those are effects of too much carbonate

Next when wanking, use some lubricants , atakama ni kikohozi


Umebadilisha diet ama ile maji unaogea?

May be.

What do you mean?

Labda kwa nyumba yangu.

Labda diet.

I was peeling my skin when i was a kid … It stopped later…

if it doesnt hurt its not harmful i think

No pain at all, but I feel like they are very rough.

Going by the length of your fingers I can confirm you are a midget.

Check the fabric softener/detergent you use if you hand wash your clothes.

kwani you live in an earthen cave like a naked molerat?

Mzae unajua mahali naweza toa rye flour na sesame oil?

hapana, pengine hizo high end duka za huko nairobi kama area za karen hivi.


Wacha kujipaka sabuni ya kipande after kuoga.

I think Maji unatumia kuoga Ni ya borehole high in metals