My first two mobile phones

I had the Motorola around 2004.
The Nokia was second.
On that Nokia I received a pic of a quma from a Kisii babe who wanted to show me a circumcised labia. Sorry guys the phone is long been dead so I have no evidence.
Let’s see yours.

My 1st was a Siemens bought in 2001 with a co-operative loan.My 2nd was a Samsung.Since then I have through countless phones, some I later resold, others I give to relatives.

I forgot that Siemens ever existed. I never owned one. Do they still make them?
My phones last 2 years before I allow them to retire.

First was an Ericsson. Then Sagem, then Sendo, then Samsung, then Nokia, then I lost track.

Mi sina simu

Eneyewe guys here are young if your first phones had coloured screens.
first phone: brand new original Nokia 3210 back in 2000 by my dad cost Ksh 12,500
Second phone: Nokia 3310 . i traded in the 3210 and added 3k to get it. And bough all white case for it for another 500bob

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My first was the Nokia 3310, then motorola c113.

my first phone was a Siemens A35, Cost was 12k. Gave my mum afta a bitch started callin odd hours

Erricson 1018 bought it in ug for 12k[ATTACH=full]4351[/ATTACH]

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Kumbe sisi ndio wadogo hapa…2310

bird in 2005 a hand me down from my siz, got stolen in a mat the motorolla c113

Eeeh Mummy. So, that must have been in the late 90’s to early 2000’s? My dad had a similar phone back then, ni kama walkie talkie.

my first phone was Siemens m30.
my mum used to call it water melon coz ilikuwa inawaka red.

Does anyone still have any of these phones? natakakubuy

sony ericson, motorola, nokia, others…

Thagem mw3020[ATTACH=full]4447[/ATTACH] Nokia6100[ATTACH=full]4448[/ATTACH]

Mine too was a 1018; wouldn’t even fit in my pocket. And no vibration

Enda Ngara utazipata zote huko.

pande gani ya ngara? am interested

enda Nyayo market.