My First Time(BJ)

my first time getting head was hilarious at least from my current point of view not so much then. So i had just come home for holidays,i was in form 3 then, and my pal who used to be a day scholar wouldn’t stop with storos of this new hot mama who had moved in to the estate, and for sure the first time i saw her!wololololo boy wasn’t she something. He was already making moves on her and so he introduced me to her and one thing led to another and within no time i had realized that she had the hots for me and so we started creeping around. So this one fine afternoon she came over to our place and we headed straight for my bedroom and starting making out( si mnajua tu nyege za highschoolers). When she pulled out my Dxxck i didn’t know what to expect i was still a virgin for Fxxcks sake and in no time my dick was in her mouth, IN HER Fxxckng mouth. This was it i could not believe what was happening keep in mind i had never seen that Shxxt before anywhere( mi nlikua vere naive majamaa). I was confused, dazed, and most of all scared shitless. Before i knew it this tingling sensation right from kale kakidole kadogo ka mguu took over and suddenly i wasnt sure what the hell was happening, i dint know whether i wanted to shit, piss or sweat, all i knew was that sth wants to get out i just dint know what. Without warning i blasted her face with my peoples, my breath became short and i felt weak i wondered why she was just kneeling there instead of calling someone i mean sth had clearly gone wrong. I just knew that i was gonna die, cause she had done some shit to me and now my bone marrow was coming out my Dxxck( oh the naivety). Fast forward to date, she still has me saved on her phone as bone marrow.:cool:

Siajamaliza kusoma. Imelose ladha. Peleka hii pale kwa hekaya ama ulete mbisha tuverify

Mbisha ya bone marrow?

Oh My God!! I thought it’s from a VE. Resign immediately!!


Eat shit…wanker

Ng’ombe iliuzwa ng’ombe ingine isome.

Kwani Biology ulisomea NYS…Tangu lini bone marrow ikatoka kwa mkwangalas ??

Wacheni wivu.

Sijasoma. Wewe ni Elder namna gani kwanza?

At least ur first time was a BJ. Haters wengi hapa ni hand to gland combat from day 1. They applied for ID five times juu fingerprints hakuna

:D:D:D:D:D savage!

He he he!



You were in form 3 and you didn’t grasp the idea of ejaculation. Kwani wewe ni ngombe undercover?

hehehe ni kweli tunawajua sana

i thought hukumaliza kusoma, make your mind up already,shitface!!!


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D darn!!!

Form 3…Did you miss all your biology lessons? :confused:.

I think reproduction was a form 2 topic.