I can’t use such a car for 10 years? ikuwe iko na solid performance or what do you mean?

There is a fee above the Cash price lakini si mooob as you put it. Afike hii Mombasa an atapata. Akitaka usaidizi pia, he can hola @ me.

Toyota Hilux. Buy once, cry once

Ebu ongea vizuri na @Yuletapeli, he will give you a more concrete advice especially kama uko kanairo. And is @ochithunder around? He’s another fellow who can give you a nice breakdown Incase of imports.


Bruh. I rarely agree with @mpendakazi but what he is saying is 100% true. It is significantly more convenient to own a station wagon than to use public transport if you have a large family e.g 3 kids. Hebu imagine mtu ako na bibi na watoi watatu anaenda ocha some 200km+ away time ya Christmas?? It is a horror story banae. Fares will have doubled but fuel costs wont. So kama hauna gari you will spend significantly more in fare, mshinde mmebebanisha shopping town, etc. It is just a big mess. Sure, I understand people who don’t have cars with such family sizes lakini ukiwa na uwezo nunua uache kuteseka. A simple Toyota Wish used with 7 seats will do the trick. Having a large family without a car in this city is a total nightmare and it is severely limiting. Heck, even if you are a bachelor it is still very limiting not to have a car hata kama ni kadudu. You will miss out on a lot of what the city has to offer juu you will be forced to rely on ubers which add up over time.

In this day and age, especially in Nairobi, a car is a necessity. Hata ukiwa bachelor save that 400k and buy a used kadudu. The convenience alone will be a game-changer.


@Maize_Combuster is a low IQ moron. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. I agree with him on this one. Today, you can get a fairly decent and used car for as low as 500k. How many houses can you buy with 500k??

Buying a basic cheap car is a smart move especially for a family man in the city. The convenience is unmatched and if he is smart enough to buy one with very high fuel economy, he won’t hurt his pockets.

The part where I tend to disagree with jaruos like @Maize_Combuster and his ilk is when they buy “big” cars bila investments mahali. There is so much variability in car prices that both of you guys can be right depending on the type of car bought. A guy buying a fielder or wish to ferry his large family is smart. The same guy buying a Prado without investments (not necessarily a house but investments that pay his rent) is dumb.


Kuna siku nikiwa bored I was surfing and browsing videos on YouTube kwa laptop then I happened upon a video of some motoring group ya owners wa Vitz. Some mofo was being interviewed then at some point akasema anapenda Vitz yake juu ya power. Karibu niingize mkono kwa screen ya lappy nimuwekelee vibaree motomoto za kumanyoko.


What you intended to say is that you don’t know the value of your time. Sindio?

Probably the mofo has never drove any other car in his life.

Nunua Suzuki Ignis Hybrid.

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Family car nugu, usomagi

The best car ni ile unanunuaga na seller anakulink na mechanic anaelewa hiyo gari.


Power, Vitz iko na power man, provided you are a good driver Vitz iko na power, More so manual one

Bitch please…vitz is a practical car lakini usitaje mambo ya power.


Good advice…

Wewe mkundu firimbi power ikakutomba matako utajua kweli?

Mkundu ya mbuzi iko na mimba, Anyway ata pikipiki boxer 100cc iko na power kushinda landcruiser ya 4000cc. Ama hujai ona pikipiki ikihepa karau live live adi makarau wasare.

I give up on you. May Allah have mercy on your stupid ass else Mohammed asikufanyie Ile kitu kwa matako coz soon utakufa juu ya ujinga.

The safari rally wining Yaris is a pimped up Vitz, au sio.