My Experience Building an Online Business Empire [ Affiliate Marketing ]

Hello Villagers,

Today, I am rather bored to write about politics and I feel I need to begin sharing my online business experience here as I have done in other places.

My intention is to genuinely help anyone out there who wants to get inspired or learn from my little experience spanning 7 years.

I started the online hassle when everyone thought that internet was a reserve for the elite and there was so much hogwash about getting conned online. I overcame many challenges and today I am still learning and growing. I am going to use the simplest language and hope to answer all your questions.

Note : All my ideas will require hard work, hard work there is no get quick riches, or ponzi bullshit …but when you accomplish you will enjoy a passive income with little or no work.

Today I want to focus on how Affiliate Marketing Businesses work and how you make money and quit your bad day job.

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing strategy where established companies require affiliates to promote for their products and in return they pay them a commission for a sale or a conversion

Ideally, you register as an affiliate then create an online presence like a website then start promoting the products and get commission whenever some buys.

My most successful affiliate business model involves promoting amazon products and I earn consistent income on a monthly basis.

How it Works

[li]You choose a product on Amazon Example → Digital Camera [/li]
[li]You build a site around that topic ( buy a domain, have some hosting, write content and start building links) [/li]
[li]You place links of products in the content and whenever someone buys you earn 4% - 8 % depending on the volume. So it simply means if someone buys the camera worth $550, you earn $22 cumulatively you can make up to $10,000 or more.[/li][/ol]

How to Start
[li]You begin with a simple niche that you can get traffic easily[/li][li]Build a site and start publishing content ( You will have to learn how to write product reviews) if you cannot write you can hire someone to write the content for you.[/li][li]You need to rank the site to position #1 for several keywords to make some decent conversions. [/li]
[li]You can have multiple sites in different niches to increase your income.[/li][/ol]

Costs of the Project
[li]You need to buy a domain name ( roughly cost -$10 annually) [/li]
[li]You need a hosting plan (roughly costs $5- $15 per month)[/li][li]You need to write the content or you can hire someone to write. ( this is a variable cost) [/li]
[li]You need to create the site ( you can learn to create it online from YouTube tutorials, hiring developer will push cost up)[/li][/ol]
Finally, if you have a site that is making consistent amount of money per month, you can sell if 10,20,30 time the average monthly income. Example if a site makes $300 on average you can sell it for $3000.

Attached is a screenshot explanation of how it works from one of the sites I sold last year.

Sasa leteni maswali, I will try to answer all even the most tech just ask.


When you sell your site to someone else, how do you transfer those monthly earnings to them? I understand if you’re using adsense for example your account is tied to that site. If using Amazon you need to have an Amazon account right? So do Google and Amazon just allow one to switch their adsense/amazon affiliate account from one site to another without a proper explanation?

Fafanua apa vile kuna fanywa

did you make your first website?
what if you use free web hosting services ?

Tutankhamun schemes.

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Captain , for amazon you just switch the account and it works perfectly. Even Google AdSense you sell the site and you switch the account.

The only sites that are tied to accounts are those hosted on blogger platform or other platform that have partial ownership of the site.

Independent sites are sold every day. The best place to see more sites sold every passing minute check -

Check my account and you will see I have sold even Adsense sites before.


The problem with free hosting is the limitations but you can use it to start but in the long run its not even advisable.

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In every village there is a FOOL , IGNORANT ELDER & THE WISE so you choose, you are not forced. If you have nothing to contribute just stay away from my posts.


Its a long process but I will cover it in my future posts ( involes Keyword research, content & building backlinks). But the best place to start to learn how to rank a site to the top of search results check the list of factors that determine how Google ranks sites from here


this was one of my 2017 resolutions na ni september not yet done although niko stuck kwa web site building.

Yeah I made my first I have never hired anyone coz I am a developer my profession. But there are tons of free tutorials that you can use to learn how to create your first site.

Where specifically are you stuck I try to help?

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You mean this is a serious gig?

css na layout ndio inanisumbua i want a site which looks like post 2016, mambo ya bootsrap pia inaniconfuse …yani i’m not decided bado sijaget a clear pic in my mind.

Very informative will try this out.

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If you just want a CSS/ HTML site there are many free templates out there that you can customize but for this kind of site you need a CMS like WordPress since you are posting content regularly.

Thanks. I’ve been busy but wanting for a long time to seriously try that SEO stuff and rank a site on the first page of Google. But it’s not as easy as people make it sound. Coz for every niche idea there are hundreds, even thousands of people that are competing to rank their sites for the same keyword. Lakini I’ll try it. If I fail then I’ll just pay a pro to do it :slight_smile:

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can you show me an example of your sites if you dont mind.

Btwn its not hard as it sounds you just need to know how to build quality backlinks. I will be sharing in future posts how I do it and you can learn.


visit codeacademy itakusaidia.
Ikiku stress, si lazima ujue ku code. Kimbilia WordPress.