My encounter with a jinni

True story. Happened about ten years ago. I had just gone for my usual evening drink and meet my pals as we did then every evening. My body was still young and energetic. Thus I could stay out as long as possible without it taking a toll on me the subsequent day.
On this particular evening, I left the house early. About 5pm. I passed through this place where we used to eat boiled beef. I liked the stuff since it was fresh and it was served alongside meat soup and equally delicious ugali. I had my quarter kilo and proceeded to the joint I was supposed to meet with my buddies. It had been raining throughout the day, thus some two buddies couldn’t make it. Only two of us managed to show up. We had our drinks from around 6pm to 10pm. We were drinking Smirnoff Vodka. We took about 4 quarters. Then each person embarked to his residence shortly after ten.
I decided to use a bodaboda since it was dark that night and muddy. I was dropped off about 100m from my house, since I needed to purchase some items for breakfast in a nearby shop. After buying the items, I went on straight to my residence. Just a few steps from the gate, I saw something that made me to stop. Near the gate was a person lying on some makeshift wooden bench that was put there for people to relax at daytime. As I passed near cautiously, the person called me. I realized that it was a woman. She stood up and I was shocked to see that she was heavily pregnant. I was now bewildered since I couldn’t understand what a pregnant woman was doing out at that hour of the night alone. I enquired who she was and what she was doing out. She narrated a very long story.
She informed me that she was a stranger here, all the way from Nakuru. That she had come to look for a relative around but she found that the relative was no longer living here. I asked her how long she had been pregnant. She informed me she was due in a few days. She also said she had not eaten for two dats. I then knew that I had to help her one way or the other. Throwing all caution to the wind, I invited her into my house. Luckily, I knew I had a spare mattress and I would give it to her to spend the night on the floor in the seating room. I took her in, cooked a meal of rice and baked beans and served it to her. I then locked and gave her the mattress and a blanket. I then went into the bedroom to sleep.
I woke up the following morning and strode to the seating room to check on the stranger whom I had accomodated. I didn’t find her there, so I thought maybe she was in the toilet. I knocked the toilet door but no one answered. I was now getting afraid. I made another round in the house but I saw no one. I checked the door carefully but it was locked just as I had done the previous night. To complicate matters, I still had the key in the bedroom where I had kept it. It was still there. How had my ‘guest’ left the house? To worsen the situation, I could still see the prints made by her shoe soles as she came in and as she left. This event has shocked me to the present day.

Madondo had to be baked. No peasantry here…

Did you report to the nearest police station ??

You had to…na nimeona nikasema okaaaay!

Huyo hakuwa jini the day of judgement utajua ilikuwa Nani. Utaambiwa when I was hungry you gave me food and place to rest. You will be ushered in heaven. Ukifika huko mbele yangu gotea father Abraham mwambie bado najaa dunia.

Acha ushamba



I have always had a few tins in my house since I was in college.

I relish baked beans. I always have them with me

Hawa watu hata hawaelewi baked beans ni nini!

I hope I did fulfill the scriptures!

Did the jini chunisha u sukuma

I don’t think it did. Tena it was a woman.



It was the alcohol buddy. But on the other had…the prints on the floor sway matters to the contrary.

I am sure it was not the alcohol. My house had a white PVC carpet and I could see the soleprints clearly.

majini ya muarabu io. ulikuwa unafanya mombasa wapi?

A jinni can take any shape or form.
Please sema yote.

Baked beans tend to leave one ‘baked’ after eating them with vodka…read the label