My day, a death and the character of Kenyans

So yesterday afternoon, I decided to take my little motor veehaiko (vehicle) to get something tightened. I get there and I began a convo with the owner.
As we’re talking, we hear a sound (take your index and middle finger and slap your palm - it sounded like that), but louder.

Suddenly, jam starts to build up. I cut the convo - Kenyan curiosity kicked in. Only to see a guy having been knocked down by a canter. Thank Yahweh the canter stopped and didn’t attempt to flee.

I got to see the guy who’s been hit and he’s lying there, taking in deep breaths - trying to live. The co-driver of the canter, who was panicking, asked who could help take the injured chap to hospital. I realize no one will stop to assist so since my car was done, I offered to help. We put the chap in the back seat and I told the co-driver to join me.

Chap chap hadi hospital somewhere in Ruai.

Meanwhile, the guy in the back seat is wheezing. Every 5 seconds, wheez. Around a minute before we reached the hospital, he stopped.

At the hospital, they strap him to the monitor. Flat lines. No signs of life. I told the Dr that he was wheezing in the car then he stopped. The Dr looked at me and said, “at the time he stopped wheezing, that is the time he went”.

So the Dr and I go to the cop station at Ruai (by the way it’s very well done that place. Big and neat). I explain to the lady cop and she starts throwing a metre and one questions until nikamwambia “yawa madam tulia nikuambie.” I explained that I’m just a Samaritan. No more, no less. As I’m speaking, the DTO, a burly man, walks in yapping at high volume, “Sasa mtu ni mlevi anacross from right to left na hata hakuna zebra crossing na amekufa. huyu sasa ndio wa pili area hii leo.”

One plainclothes cop is tasked with taking the body to the mortuary. So i jump into the back of the police 4x4 and back to the hospital.

We get there, police search the corpse for some ID. They only found cellotape. We then put the body in the 4x4. Kenyans milled around to “view the body” and called the dead guy names, accusing him of being a criminal. It was sorry sight to bear.

I got back to the garage to pass the news to some of the mechs. Only then I realized that he’s shoes were still in the car. I gave them to the mechs and moved on.

Now my back seat is bloody and the car wash guys refused to clean it. I’ll start on it early morning.

A guy was hit along the eastern bypass
I took him to hospital and he was pronounced DOA
Cops don’t give a damn about corpses
Cops ask too many questions to fast so it’s up to you to stop them and explain
Kenyans will not help you on the road and even those stopped will give you excuses

What bothers me the most, is that for a minute or so, there was a dead guy in my car. He was alive, breathing and fighting to stay alive. At the end, your day is your day. At least he didn’t die without at least some assistance. To that end, my conscience is clear.

Kenyans milling to view the body

My car seat. The trail extends from one end to the other

One half of his pair of shoe

Pole to the guy and thanks for helping!

That was very kind of you. Ruai is my area code, next time you’re around sema nikurushie WD40

You did your best to help a fellow brother. To that cheers.
May he rest in peace

Very kind of you. Most people prefer to watch, take pictures and gossip

Sad, but thank you man.

You’re the kind of Kenyan we wish for.

@1776 kongole bruh! Hapo ulidu poa

Congrats msee…and may he RIP

Great of you to help. More needed like you. My he RIP and his family find peace.

You are a good guy, Kenya needs a few good guys like you.

a good deed right there. @pamba should style up na curriculum ya kiganjo iwe reviewed.

You did good.

Kenya unaweza kufia kwa streets as people watch you ulifanya poa, When cleaning nunua 1 litre ya cocacola it helps to remove blood stains on fabric

now your car is haunted…resale value = 0

waoh…that was very kind and noble of you…

May he rest in peace.

I ranted this yesterday alot, and a silly ass told me I’m politicizing the issue . I carried someone exactly like you on my little starlet but wangu survived , on going back to help others they were all gone,with people fighting to get a glimpse, no ambulance came to help and yet people were screaming " uuuuwi huyo ameenda and yet if alittle effort was done they would have been alive "

Let’s stop and think for a minute …if 10b can be raised to do an re-election in one week ,but not even one single mp can raise a bill to make sure there are many ambulances to help accident victims and build hospitals to take care of accident casualties …hakuna .But stupid ass us will be here crying with the loudest voice “tibiiim” and RWNEEEBP. These mufackers we are fighting for don’t give a shit about your social Healthcare . We are just stupid as it gets …

@Abba .
We will get there someday…All that tribal bigotry will end with out children and grand children .

Have a good morning and you still owe us a story by the way.:slight_smile:

You sir are a kind man ,may your exemplary nature be passed on to your tois and theirs after.