My Daily Atheist Meme

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Come to think of it…

he already broke the deal.
he rose from the dead,he cheated us.
that why i refused to put my signature on that deal

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you dont gerrit. the deal was not in the seath but in the shedding of blood

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ulisoma john three sixteen?

you dont gerrit. the deal was not in the seath but in the shedding of blood. the death part was a different mission. “akashuka kuzimu, siku ya tatu akafufuka.”

he GAVE His only begotten son He didn’t kill him. research on what sacrifice is

so jesus never really died?
you are the first christian to admit that.
the deal is fake then?

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But it’s the shedding of blood that resulted in/caused the death and made the deal. And if he didn’t come back to life dry as a biscuit, if he regained the blood to be alive, the deal is broken bro.


Swali tu, did Jesus have a choice in the matter?

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eti biscuit?
naokwotwa chini ya meza

Seems like the poor fucker had neither a choice nor a chance to escape it.


if i recall my sunday school drill he actually begged the father to take the cup from him but you know how fathers are…
if he decides your goose is cooked


I said the blood and death were two different missions. The body plays little part in the sacrifice that’s why God commanded the Levites to eat (part of?) the meat after sacrifice. God commands us not to drink blood because that is where life is. When He resurrected He got new blood that’s why He didn’t want to be touched before ascending. otherwise previously He had allowed even a poko and a traitor to kiss Him.

so it is unchristian to drink the blood of jesus?
so pokos,thieves,traitors and sinners like me should not come anywhere near the risen christ?

you dont gerrit. the blood he shed was for the forgiveness of sins a once and for all sacrifice that’s why God stopped asking for sacrifice. the blood is what you “drink” to wash away your sins so that through faith not law you become a new creature

Pole kwa Wamaasai.

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this is also where my wife starts to loose me.t, ‘Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall not have life within you’ (John 6:53).
earlier you stated drinking blood was unclean? right?
now you are telling drinking the blood washs away my sin and makes me a new creature?
is it similar to baptism by fire(holy spirit).
i can only be saved through gods grace(if he feels like).

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why waste your breath with this ‘free thinking’ fuckers,let them be.

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because we dont use our heads as helmets or teeth carriers.
we appreciate that god gave us a complex brain