My Daily Atheist Meme

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Please respect other people’s beliefs

that is the most idiotic logic you are trying to spin. God gave man resources and brains to tap the resources. Famine in our moder age is caused by corruption and govt laxity to address its causes. People in Turkana die of hunger while Ndundori they are pouring milk by the roadside because dogs are fed up with it and giving cabbages to their cows. so you expect God to airlift the milk from Ndundori to Turkana?

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The bible says 'My people suffer for lack of knowledge"

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please respect HIS belief…

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Ok atheismo, youve made your point.

My intellect is insulted.

So God lets little babies die of diseases and famine because “It ain’t his fault”.

So you’re saying that she created a planet with such devastative geological differences just to mess with people? Damn, that’s cold.

What’s the point of praying to an omnipotent God if at the end we have to do everything by ourselves and then credit him?


Hata sijui nikwambie nini.Nimeaachia tu hapo.:mad::mad::mad:

Why are guys arguing on this thread? this post is supposed to be on satirical of the daily word post. Leave it be and create a thread to argue


We don’t go pissing on that daily word satire too, preach to them bro.

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haha! stop insulting your own intelligence. God doesn’t micromanage the world. God created the world so that every creature thrives. those geological differences are perfect ecosystems for different creatures. Nobody dies because of livinv in a desert otherwise the Touaregs would be extinct. God gave man dominion over the earth to manage the earth and exploit resources, if you fail to exploit it makosa ni ya nani?

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The devil is a liar :confused::confused::confused::confused:

Atheismo will respect your right to believe BUT will not respect your belief in godstuff.

the aim of posting is to stir up conversation. I have never told atheismo not to post buy as he posts he must expect debate.

It’s daily. It’ll be daily, mister Bullshido.

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You missed the “without insulting my intellect” part.

I didn’t insult your intellect but the logic in the text

Haha, i dont know whether to laugh at u or just called u stupid… You are implying that those people dying of hunger in turkana are to blame???

Then you will be debating everyday because he posts this daily the same way the daily word is posted. Hence my suggestion of a new post/thread where this can be thrashed out