My crush

There is this guy (Japhe)I bumped into his pictures on FB when I was a fresh in campus. The guy was so hoooot damn! I imagined how I could let him know that I really liked him. So I first send him a friend request. I thought he would go through my timeline and dm me after seeing my pictures lol. After like a week of waiting, I became impatient. I decided to text him myself ( I am tat type of a girl. If I like you, I must find a way to bring us together.) We chatted a bit na tukajuana kidogo kidogo. Kumbe the guy just came from Kericho where I also come from.
Japhe did not seem to like me much but on my side I was really falling for him day by day. I could not hide it. I always initiated conversations on messenger. I didn’t mind whether he would say I am desperate or what. I just wanted him. All the time I would imagine alot of things with this dude. Lakini wanaume shida yenu hukuwa gani, mbona pia mnaplayingi hard to get.

That time, I was not in any relationship since I did not seem to like all the guys that katiad me that time. Am someone that usually dates a guy that i have had some crush on before. But si lazima nikuwe nimemake the first move. Labda nikuwe na crush but pia they have some kafeeling for me. When they Katia me, naingia box after kuifanya kidogo. So this time, I had no boyfriend. I just had a FWB who used to okolea me dry spell mazee(haha).

2 weeks before we went for long holidays Japhe texted me telling me that he had come from Rwanda and now he lived in Kericho. Asked me when I was closing for holidays and he was like si utakuja ulale kwangu ndo uende home next day.
The way I was so excited, I can’t just explain. But I could not say yes. I just played abit hard saying my parents knew when I was to go home. Then he insisted abit but when he saw that I was not giving in, he said we would plan when am home. I was okay with that.

Since it was long holiday, I was given a technical opportunity in some school. There is a day Japhe called me and asked where I was. That he wanted to see me. But I had an afternoon class, so I could not make to go see him. I told him I would go the next day at around midday maybe. He said okay.
Then the next day at midday, I texted him while ata school and he was like he and his colleagues had been sent for some work in Nakuru. He said he would be back early and he would tell me akifika. I waited that day but he did not call me until around 10 pm when he said waliamua kulala Naks. Then I really got mad at him for disappointing me. Tukakubaliana kuapatana next day.

The next day I called him asubuhi but bado walikuwa Naks. He said by 2pm he would be in Kericho and he would call me. Waited for long and he was not talking to me. At 4pm I was mad at him and decide to text him so text to out of anger. ‘Mi ni mtu hutext anything nikijam but I later regret’. After texting him, I switched my phone off na nikaenda kwa kina bestangu kushinda huko. But Kuna siku nlipigianga Japhe simu kutumia phone ya mum. Since my phone was off and I had texted him angrily then switched off my phone, he decided to call my mother and asked her of my whereabouts. Had never told mum about him though. Mum was in church so she told him aliniacha home kabla aende kanisa.

Time nlirudi home from kwa kina bestangu, nikafungua simu. Nikapata ametry kunicall Mara mob. Then he had also sent lots of messages. So vile nlifungua simu akanicall. Then he told me he had called mum and asked about me. Wah! I was so stressed now since my mum i very strict. Nikajua hiyo siku sitalala kwa hiyo nyumba. Lakini nlishangaa ju mum alikuja home and she didn’t not ask me anything about that. Hadi wa leo hajainiuliza. So we planned to meet next day with Japhe.

Hiyo siku ata sikuenda shule. Had to fake sickness to go meet my crush.
So around midday, he called me akaniambia niende. Gave me directions za kwake na nilikuwa najua hiyo place. So I prepared, wore my best clothes, makeup and of I went. Nilifika gate ya Japhe, called him to open for me the gate. I could not believe that I was going to see the man I started texting on Facebook.
So he came and he was so hoooot!! I just felt like kissing him. He gave me a tight hug. I bet he knows how to hug. Went to his house. Chatted about about school and work. Gave me soda and snacks.

Then he came to where I was seated looked straight into my eyes and said, “I had really for this day”. I said I had waited for it more than him.
He held my hand and I was really feeling so good. Then he started kissing me. We kissed for some time before he carried me to the bedroom. He was the first guy to manage my weight and carry me. Haha. He then removed my clothes one by one as we kissed deeply. I was wet AF. I just wanted his dk inside me. I was in a 2 months dryspell since I was home and I had no one kuniokolea. Then he licked my p* and I was almost squarting. I just wanted the penetration. I told him aingie but na cd. So we did it. That was the best sex I have ever in my life.
Then I went home.

From that time tunaongeanga tu na yeye. I still have crush on him. I thought it would go away after sleeping with him. But no, it is still there. Now what is this called? Is it still a crush? Lol.

(Msijali I am not a good story teller)

@pamba kuja leta mukhtasari please.

@Mimi Mwenyewe don’t doubt yourself you’re a good story teller

Hii wacha tukasome kule facebook!

How old are you?? If you are not in primary school then you are in high school. Probably a form one student. Can tell from your language. Please go back to school na uache kugawa ovyo ovyo.
@Okwonkwo you thought I was a bad hekayaist :D:D

@Mimi Mwenyewe hebu safisha elders mecho ndio ukaribishwe kwa kijiji fisuri

Kwaja safisha sisi mecho tukujibu.

Wacha wivu, wacha toto apewe mti…Hi si sabuni ati itaisha

Nice Hekaya!! Andika venye utaandika mwenye hataki kusoma awache kusumbua watu na kelele za chura. Pole pole tu you’ll grow into the Hekaya World.

Welcome to the village.

If you don’t wash us eyes then we are left with no choice but to assume the obvious…that you are a veined tree holder hiding behind a pink handle

Nice hekaya young girl. I can just visualise your innocence as your smooth face is glued to your phone as you write your ka-story. I know you have not seen much of the world outside there but I can say you have started well!

Hahaha ati “okolea” hood rat spotted :smiley:

Hekaya iko sawa… sounds a bit like a veined tree holder to me though

Sharap. Wacha agawe ikus kaa na yako. Meffi. Low mileage pussy only.

Nice hekaya :slight_smile: …You have the potential of becoming a great storyteller!

Ukijuwa meaning ya HKM link up

nice read…karibu

Lol. But I am none of those

Hiyo inamaanisha nini

Not bad. Karibu kwa Kijiji. I am the chief in this place and I will show you around. :wink: