MY colleague murdered by A Congolese

My colleague was murdered by Congolese cum Nigerian, ladies sisi mna sema ndio wakenya mafala ndio tuko
She had a bright future for real. [ATTACH=full]343826[/ATTACH]

Stella leta hekaya

Kenyan girls have a craze for these men. Insatiable. I don’t know how many times we shall tell them these guys are fugitives and on the run from other countries. They hold several IDs and passports. All I know for a fact is that they are known by our top police but they always bribe big money. Other than killing our girls, they also swindle the rich Kenyan single women millions and millions of cash.

full story ikuom prisss

Fools and their money are always parted!

Shauri yao… Women wanted choice and independence and they were granted.They are coming to terms with the fact that no one apart from them is responsible for their lives. Time to face the consequences of their choices in men.


I am inclined to agree with you. Coz the mnaijo does not really target our school girls. He targets fully grown beautiful and loaded women who should know better. The cases I have heard about from the grapevine are all to do with mamas over thatay. The cases I have seen huku are to do with grown mamas pia who can make their own decisions and smell danger. They are used for serious money laundering and their addresses used for cover so when the police close in ni wewe watakuta kwa nyumba sitting like a grasshopper. By then the Mnaijo is fanning himself kule Dubai akitoroka having got wind that the police are on his tracks. You will cool your heels in jail for a v long time as the evidence is all pointing at you. I see them at Thatched house swooning around our pretty girls at closing time. They never get drunk…men on a mission…tumechoka kuwaelimisha.

Kenyan girls hawasikii…
A cousin of mine has latched onto an Oga guy and and nothing will keep her away from him…
I sincerely pray it won’t end in tears…
Ingawaje sikio la kufa halisikii dawa…

Ukifikisha pesa flani tembea nje ya nchi ona watu wengine alafu settle down na kimtu hapa nyumbani. Kama watu wa malindi huwezi waambia kuna wanaaume other than beat up italian mafia. Tembea,Ona,Tulia TOT

Hakuna kitu ka TOT

Abel mutua dedicated an episode on young and stupid…

Kenyan men are not romantic… you hear them say

Msichoke tafathali. Keep harping the anthem that oga is wasting her time…they rarely marry ‘us’, keep telling her to separate her money/assets from their ‘blissful’ love life coz I gorra hand it to oga pale kwa maongo. And boy don’t they lurve us for our gullibility and foolishness? 90% of the cases I know have ended in some tears.
Strangely, most look after their wives and kids financially ni sisi tu wanatumia. Their first Q always is…are you from Kenya, South Africa or Zim?
Please keep telling her…

I never reveal my real name to ladies that am not seriously interested in… I call them with a fake sim card, give them fake business cards with the same name, never show them my actual place of work or stay and never introduce them to my real relatives and close friends… so utapata hata Christian Mwambay Kadima ain’t his real name and he ain’t even Congolese

msiba wa kujitakia lakini rip

Iko online kaka, just google famous lawyer murdered yesterday

I have a Congolese friend who stayed here with us for approx 2 years. So many corporate women hooked up with him. When he couldn’t get a job some business woman gave him her apartment and another gave him her business taxi car. The one that was paying rent always demanded a fuckathon after settling the bill. Finally he left the country na sahii is married to sofme chick in Belgium. The dude had an easy time here in Kenya. The easiest I have ever seen.

horny kaos and nigerian dick

That part when you dropped your pants, please