My ancestry results from MyHeritage Dna

My results make sense considering my family tree.


East Africa




West Africa


West African

Central African

Middle Eastern

Id encourage ma bredrins from Kenya and Tanzania to do this test in particular.


Babuon should have one done for him.
We need to know where he acquired those genes za “kunya where he stays”…
He wants to burn Kenya and doesn’t give a damn what happens to the Kenyans he keeps on harping about!

How comes you are west African twice.

They have a sale at the moment thats gonna end on the 2nd of October.

When they say West African its just a broad statement to mean all the countries in West Africa. When they say Nigeria they mean Nigerian in specific.

Nani amekuuliza msenge hii? Tafta ng’ombe wenzako akina Gashui, sijui Nattydread and the likes mjipeleke malishoni.

Isn’t that a fallacy? Nigerians are as diverse as Kenyans. The Fulani in the north have Semitic blood, while the Ibo or the Ken Saro Wiwa people are more of Bantu’s.

You mean a “sale” for the results?

Sips gibleys Awaiting the famous a fool and his… …

I meant that they have reduced the price of the test.

hama kwa akina OGA tu.

It can cause you to loose family inference kwa babu bwana some things should just be left Without rockin the boat internally,some freinds mostly kalenjins believe I’m one of there own.

Kindly have one done for you too.
From your reaction, it will do you lots of good if you found out the truth of your origins.

So you are 57% bantu , 2% cushitic and 4 % Arabic.

Ni vile wewe ni mslim sana kama Ezekiel Kemboi.

@pamba hebu dance ile Emily Jepchumba tuone kama ni wewe kweli…

For that money,I hope you found yourself or whatever sense of identity you were looking for. But is just some science served with a heavy side of bullshit.

In a nutshell, vile @muria.mboco amekuambia hapo juu.

They are niger congo A. Bantus are niger congo B.


Niger congo A are non-bantoid tribes that mainly western african countries from senegal to nigeria and some parts of cameroon and central african republic. Niger-congo B are bantoid groups also known as bantu. Examples of niger-congo A tribes are wolof, dogon, yoruba, igbo, akan, etc. Niger congo B tribes include ovambo, banyore, gikuyu, chagga, etc.