My advise to Magoha regarding the back to school issue.

Not that he needs it but, what the heck! I will give my two cents anyway:

  1. A back to school formula that will not address comprehensively the issue of social distancing will negate all gains.
  2. First, these schools are overpopulated so you need to divide the number of pupils in any given school by 3.
  3. Having done that, created bimonthly rotational school terms.
  4. Each group goes for marathon learning for 2 months.
  5. By the end of the year, each group will have studied for 4 months
  6. Its better than nothing but it will ensure that the students have kept the social distance in class and at the dormitories for borders.
  7. Examine the candidates for the topics covered. Hizo zingine watasomea mbele, if they will need them anyway. ( i still dont understand why i studied permutations in fourth form)
  8. Abolish parents meetings, school visits etc.
  9. Each school to have a standyby dispensary/sanatorium that will acts as an isolation word.
  10. Each group coming in should be tested.

Ni hayo tu

The WHO has declared that Covid-19 will be with us forever. In that case, government and parents need to rethink the issue of schools regarding student population. I propose that we should have less of boarding schools in the country. More day schools should be built and health facilities integrated into the school system. This includes testing equipment, wards and medicine. Finally in the long run, we should eliminate boarding schools and only take kids to day facilities with a limit of a few learners per classroom.

More boarding schools less day schools.
Boarding schools minimises contact with the outside world

in my mind am very much ready to have junior skip school by one year…thats never killed anyone

You are wrong. The conditions in boarding schools can facilitate more rapid infections than in a day school situation. Think about congested dorms, dining halls, entertainment time etc. Think think think!

So the assumption is that the teachers will also be boarding

I think so. Since the number of teachers are also divided by three, it will be easy to accommodate them and establish a lockdown

plus other non teaching staff, there would also need to ban visiting days, also make sure kids are each quarantined in isolated rooms for 14+ plus days once they report back from holidays just to make sure they dont bring back with the virus from home - that would be to much hassle.

@this is hard


Ngumu sana, because of commuting teachers and support staff

Covid night might stay with us for like another 20 years… watu/students warudi shughuli zao kama kawaida… they should only practice the preventive measures and basic hygiene …kusanitize, kuosha mikono, kuvaa mask etc… if you don’t comply then ni wewe maisha yako iko mashakani, just like HIV when you don’t practice safe sex. Then parliament should maybe put laws in place to punish those who put others at risk by not observing the above measures

herd immunity is the solution to the current problem facing our education sector and indeed all other sectors

the future is not as grim as it looks

Sweden and Tanzania are already in the lead

Now that Gathica has added another 21 days lockdown surely we need to have better guidance from the education ministry on the future of primary & secondary education in Kenya. Otherwise we’re slowly getting to the point of no return. :confused:


How does it minimise contact yet most teachers and support staff don’t reside in the school? We need to abolish boarding schools. The people who imposed them on us have v few boarding schools in their country and exclusively for the super rich. And it is not a boarding school as such…these kids come home every weekend, can order pizza etc and it is delivered to the school…wetu Kenya wanamanga what the school has declared is good for them. My kids will see a boarding hostel school institution life in their 1st year in Uni.

Are you homeschooling her in the meantime? I ask because the school is still going on online with deadlines to beat. Only problem is we were heading towards life changing exams like GCSEs in June/July. Hujui vile teens wamefurahi.

So now the police instead of tackling crime are to check face masks? …this world is twisted

the school keeps sending the materials and time to time we go through them and he is ok…

Hiyo ni sawa. Only problem is they are driving their parents at home 24/7 and we hear schools will open in October. Also most people are working from home is having parents climbing walls and tearing their hair out. You really don’t want to be in each other’s pockets.