My advice to Mulamwah

Seek therapy. People do stupid things when they are young. Carol Sonnie did you wrong. You are bitter and rightly so. But you are a dad now and you have to think about your daughter, let me tell you what will happen if you keep this up. You will never see your daughter. No court in Kenya will grant you any kind of visitation with this kind of thing going on. What you are posting about your child’s mother first is immortalized by the internet. It does not matter how terrible Carol Sonnie was to you, to your daughter she’s mum, when she grows up and sees what you say about her mom, you will lose her. You think that you will make her choose, she will choose her mother no matter how much money you have saved up. That is the woman who raised her. I saw a girl choose a woman who kidnapped her at birth and raised her over her birth mother, that’s the power of a mother or the woman who raises you as her mother. Her parents won’t love you for this either. It can be true but no parent will ever hate their child no matter what their mistakes. You are a dad now you should know that.

When you are my age. You will look back and regret everything you are doing right now out of anger and heartache. Mulamwah you are very emotional and you need to get a grip, life is tough and there’s even bigger challenges ahead. Emotional reactions like burning your shirt and destroying the image of your child’s mom won’t get you anywhere. Social media will pretend to be with you but they’re just laughing behind your back.

You won’t get any help or healing this way. You won’t. You will just hurt Kayla your daughter. Go and see a therapist or a pastor but this exposes online won’t help you or your daughter.

I have never faced this level of betrayal from someone I love so I can’t say I know or I understand what you are going through. I don’t. But let me help you understand something that I have learnt over my many years of life, say I was molested by some one I trusted as a child and to deal with the pain I go out and become a drug addict. Its not that person who will suffer but me. I am destroying my future to deal with a pain that is in my past. You are destroying your relationship with your daughter and her maternal grandparents and you are denying yourself the chance to be a dad and your parents to be grandparents to get back at your exe who you are justifiably mad at and bitter with.

You are in a dark place and I pray that Jesus will find you and fix all the things that you can’t fix that you feel because not even God can change your past.

I didn’t realize how bad your relationship with Carol Sonnie was, clearly you loved her dearly and were even willing to take her back if she apologized but she didn’t. I feel for you. This is so painful I can’t even imagine what you are going through but I know one day you will rise out of your depression and anger and you will even forgive bcz you made a child with her and in spite of all her mistakes you may admire the woman she will raise Kayla your princess to be.

Just seek help from a therapist. Seek prayer and counseling. Social media won’t help you. It’s not been helping you coz clearly you are not feeling any better in spite of exposing your exe.

Parting shot. If you would on a sojourn of vengeance go, DIG TWO GRAVES. In your case dig three, yours, your exes and your daughter Kayla.

Please calm down and take a break. Cry, rage, seek therapy, pray but for your daughter’s sake stop this please. People have overcome very difficult betrayals and you will too just don’t let your daughter be the collateral damage. You don’t have to go low because your exe went low. You are better than that, if you ever considered for giving her and taking her back it goes to show you are better person than all this that you have become because of your pain.

Time changes people and one day when and if Carol Sonnie grows up and becomes a better person she will really regret what she did to you and she will even apologise and acknowledge how she betrayed you. For now she’s not there, you want that apology but she doesn’t have it to give. No amount of exposing her will get you that apology until if ever she is ready to give it. You can’t be much of a father with all this anger and pain. Seek help to deal with how you feel and to detach so that you can be a good father which I know you are. I didn’t know it was this bad and I am very sorry for the pain you are going through. It’s hard to believe now but one day this will be a distant memory and you will come out of the dark hole you found yourself in coutesy of your exe Caro Sonnie. It’s the risk we take when we give our hearts to other people sometimes it pays off and sometimes it ends horribly like in your case. Just seek help and you will start climbing out of the hole you are in because if you are not OK all the money in the world you save for your daughter will be meaningless, she needs you when you are whole more than your money. May God see you through. This is terrible. I can’t even imagine what you are feeling. So sorry. God will meet you where you are and connect you to the right people to help not social media.

Siupost Kwa page yake

Court will give him rights if he files a case at the family court. It will take time, but eventually courts grant shared custody. Only reason they decline is if you are a danger to the child. As for everything else above, relationships come and go. Marriages end. No big deal. You dust up and move on. There’s plenty of suitors around.

True he has got the right to see his kid ata kwa sheria they will grant that.

But si inasemekana yeye si baba mtoto. Apparently, hata sonny tried to terminate at month 3, and almost lost her life while at it.

Mulamwa being emotional and doing alot of postings online is the appropriate action in response to the pain he has gone through in that relationship and to having his daughter kept hidden from him.
His reactions are appropriate and much safer than going after his ex and his own child to kill them…
His daughter will learn the truth and find him.

Every man has had a biatch who did him like this Carol Sonnie. Its important for men to go through this experience it makes you realise that females are not the angels we assume they are as we get grown. Hapa sasa ndipo this fella will not take crap from any female in the future… mtu akileta upus… ni akwende. I operate in the same mantra. Life is too short to entertain selfish, narcissistic individuals.

With the way he’s behaving on social media her lawyer can prove that he is a danger to the child have you seen the blood clots he posted to prove that his exe aborted? I have thought he’s a psycho since he burnt that shirt. I would not let him have even supervised visits if I was a judge. He needs to move on bcz clearly he hasn’t.

First of all taking photos of blood clots from a woman’s body and then going as far as to post the blood clots to prove she procured an abortion is psychotic. That guy has a mental illness the way he reacts to stressors isn’t normal at all including burning his shirt bcz people trolled him. He needs to see a professional.

That was abortion fetus thats so nasty he didn’t have to do that!something is going on with him

Why is the term abor… sensored everywhere here

@administrator is afraid it may trigger Mulamwah if he’s a member and then he will posts blood clots. That guy is whack, can you imagine sitting down to take photos of blood clots from your period, how did he even see that? Most men are averse to menstrual blood now imagine the kind of men who take photos to use later of such abominable things. That dude ain’t right in the head.

Now that was just outright nasty. Disgusting behavior out of a man. You wonder even how he has such images saved. But understand that he is hurt.

He’s also obsessed with kids. Like a typical Luhya…Makokha Kwamchetsi is an excellent example of irrational thinking in Luhyas when it comes to kids. Over ownership to the extent that you can steal your exes son while nobody in Kenya adopts boys, you can get 5 boys to adopt at a go if you wanted. Maybe he was taking photos of blood clots to immortalize what he thought was his kid. It’s OK to be angry and depressed by failed relationships even when they are toxic but how he grieves his losses is very unhealthy I think he had a traumatic childhood. Mulamwah needs therapy

Did you say steal? Which would amount to kidnapping? Anyway, as for his case, I don’t think we are being told the whole truth. One has to be careful in making opinions and judgements using one-sided divorce stories.

The man is infertile. Read my lips Makokha Kwamchetsi has zero biological children on planet earth. And I know a few lunje men who have same problem. So he waited for the exe( it wasn’t divorce bcz they were never married) to go to Australia sure that she would not be back for some years he used corrupt government systems to go forcibly steal a child that isn’t even his biological child. Why can’t he just adopt. Btw I have noticed alot of male infertility or sterility in Luhya and Somali community. What could be the problem?

Whether they were married is her theory now. If he opens his mouth, you may be shocked. I dont deny hes infertile, but how do you know he didnt legally adopt the child. And you cant legally switch fatherhood off and on. Ati today Im your kids dad, tomorrow you have walked with the kid and are throwing him somewhere unfamiliar. I mean courts hold men still responsible even when DNA later shows they are not the father. . I am not sure how prevalent the issue is because this is the first Luhya I have heard with the condition.