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@Mundu Mulosi come and say something.

Good afternoon Padre!

good afternoon son.

Huyo mwanamke ana kiherehere mingi… Ati alizaa, sijui huyo bleach skin lady ndiye alileta shida kati yake na pwana yake… Anafaa akubali change… Its the only constant thing in life.

Jamo nimkulaji HKM dry fry…

Nyoka green usijifananishe

Walunje please take care of your kids, theyre innocent, sio kudesert watoi mapenz yakiisha

hii ni nini mluhya

You’d know you haven’t lived your life to the fullest if mbishes,slayqueens and babymommas dont come out of the woodwork to whoop some as$ while rigor mortis is in motion while you in the maggot box

That woman has suffered a lot as a result of the yellow yellow, the first wife should be recognized more than the others

Nouma sanar! (Inset DJ sound effect).

Fucktards commenting here yet you do just that later in life ma’faas…

Wacha ukweli usemwe, mambo ya kusifu mtu in death si poa.

Sad…Funerals should be a reminder to us who are alive that indeed life is short…We are all sojourners…The big question is, what will it be said during our funerals? First Wives need respect


  1. [/B]A man does not just wake up and stop loving his wife and kids,
  2. Waluhya wengi wakipata kakitu lazima second wife ama yellow yellow mwk,
  3. MC in white jacket is an inciter. Watch how after the fracas he goes ahead to invite the yellow yellow to also speak ndio mushene iendelee possible resulting in a fist or cat fight.