Mwizi wa Simu

So this is how this guys track down dumb criminals [correct me if am wrong]

A complainant aka “mbleina” walks to Safcom offices with the fons documents
after he has been carjacked or robbed at gunpoint or some sort of shiet, obviously
he must have reported to the police station first na apatiwe some paperwork.
From there Safcom takes down the fons IMEI no. en blacklist it under ‘wanted for criminal activities’
ofcourse thts after confirming tht ur the genuine owner of tht particular fon.

On the other end ile chokora iliiba simu inatia simcard yake kwa fon ya mbleina, immediately
when the stolen fon picks up network,safcom wanaona ile blacklisted IMEI is beign used by a
certain subscriber.Ok
Hapo sasa they hand over ua number to the respective officials usually the CIDs unaaza kupigiwa simu
na number mgeni, ur in deep shiet ata kama si wewe uliiba simu bado uko kwa shiet,those karaos
wanafurahia the longer the chain the more cash to them so ata kama uliuziwa ukaeka simcard yako for 2days
then ukauzia ‘kimundio’ ua frnd, both of u are in deep shiet.

Kama uko mjanja en u dont pick-up strange numbers but ur still using the stolen fon, wanatumia another
method known as Active Call Tracing,in this case safcom wataeza jua uko mtaa gani according to the calls
u make en ua mpesa transactions (bt Mpesa transaction not very much effective coz they allowed migration of MPESA simcards across all towns)…in this method of tracing they can only do so while ua call is connected[making a call}
ata kwa movie unaonanga when those C.I are tracking someone they can only do so wen tht particular
person makes a call en the longer it keeps engaded the more likely they are to pick
up ua precise location,hence its called active call trackin.

So this is wht happens when they use the above method,for example uko Naks en u make a call, ua fon will search for network from the nearest safcom booster,so on the other side safcom can tell ur connected to a
certain booster located in Naks en ur talking to a certain subscriber bt they cant actually pinpont
ua location as there are bunch of niggaz making calls the same time as u…network congestion…they will keep tracking ua movements
as per calls ur making.

If they hand over ua details to cops, now the cops will have better chances of locating u,The path has narrowed, coz they now knw where to find u,so this so called CID/intelligents will use their experiece to track u down like this,

They will track down the number tht u mostly call coz they can tell ur somehow related to tht person
either ua wife ,gf,mom,bro,siz…If lets say u keep callin ua bro theyll use a lady to sweet talk him down,bla bla bla
eventually they will build up some sort of rltshp en the guy (ua bro)will one day have the desire to sample the goods of this sweet voiced secret admirer akisha naswa pia wee uko neti.

If ur a little tech advanced u can divert all ua calls to another number en keep ua fon away frm u then
tht way u will appear in 2different locations
at the same time.

or never call anyone just txt or whatsapp via wifi.

En if ur more advanced like me just edit ua fons imei if u bought it esp in eastlandos kwa mapinchi na matakers en never use a safcom simcard.
So hio kazi yote itacost mbleina a lot of cash en the more cooperating he is the more likely he is to get back his fon en maybe some other documents, so kutrack simu sio kazi rahisi most ppl usually give up coz it involves a lot of officials who will milk u dry.
Disclaimer:Not all manufacturers allow editing of Imei only most of Samsung en some LG.
usinunue iPhone ama Xperia kwa mapinchi.


what’s your name again?

I hate thieves. From pretty thieves to the violent ones. I hate thieves.

I prefer origi kutoka kwa duka.

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Never ever buy second-hand phones. Never.

Fully concur, buying second hand phones creates a market for the thieves.And you can find yourself in court as an accomplice to a crime you’ve no idea about.

What about stolen laptops?

Nigga you’ve described a very looong process that’s only suitable for movies, for purposes of drama. Ati “keep him on the line for as long as possible so we can track it”. Ati if the suspect makes a call that’s under 4 minutes long the police cannot successfully track him. Lemme tell you for free, you don’t even need to make a call for the police to track you. Telecom companies have the capability to pinpoint your exact location.


Honestly [SIZE=4]snapdragon[/SIZE][SIZE=4],Now!!!is this good for the mapinchi na matakers or for the robbery victims? NAULIZA TUH!:confused::rolleyes:[/SIZE]

True. To an accuracy of about 2-5 metres.


If you have never been a victim of this petty crimes that is why you buy phones from street.siwes

Haha, yesterday a sweet talking lady called me - whom I don’t know and she was evading the questions when I required her to identify herself. She asked if my name is ‘evroza x’. Where x is a family name that the rest of the family use but being a boy then in my tribe I get
my own name. Strange she did that. I persisted and when she refused I hanged up and immediately switched off my phone.
At this point I probably need to confess that I do a lot of shady stuff with my internet, phone and computer. That and some other people I dread.
So I switched phones and lines. Downloaded trucaller and saw her name was ‘flo y’. Did a Google search. Found two twitter accounts with the name. One opened in 2010 and another 2013. Both have an Asian pic. Not much tweeting it followers. Notice both accounts follow a lot of journalist and a certain church. Texted the person from a different no. “Did we meet at church z?” No reply.
Call two partners in crime. They haven’t received any call. So maybe I panicked over nothing. Facebook gives me irrelevant accounts. Do a search with the number. Finds account but privacy controls tight, so nothing.
What to do now? Smh. Smh. Smh…
Okay true caller again. Notice an email attached to the number that I missed before. Light bulb.
Open my email. Create draft message to this email. Then close draft and do search on the email. Gives me full name. “Florence a”. a is her real family name. Bitch I got you now! Open gplus profile. Circles. Notice my cousin in her circles. They share last name. Another of her accounts also in circles. Also has cousin. Must be cousin’s sister. Wasted two hours of my life. I’m so dumb.
Did I mention before switching phone off I turned encryption on and put a password sequence that is >20 characters

I advise people to stay away from stolen phones. I am representing pro-bono two murder suspects bcoz of getting caught with stolen phones! One of them is innocent mpaka the state counsel admits that my client is innocent. But the prosecution has to bring all its witnesses who are too many then we will submit on whether the accused has a case to answer. I knw he will be acquitted and he will not be put on his defence but the poor guy has been in remand since 2011!!! Procedure has to be followed until his acquittal. When the guy was arested, he had a 6 months daughter, now his kid is 5 years old!!


Yeah. Similar to a sad tale that befell my younger bro’s friend called Allan wa huko Dandora phase 2. The guy purchased a phone from a fundi kumbe that fundi huletewa simu za wizi. Now, this Allan guy akanunua simu from that fundi, kumbe the victim who was robbed was murdered. Saa hii Allan has to grapple with a murder case and he has been locked up in Kamiti since 2012. Yet he was the sole provider to his mum and sister who was forced to drop out of high school in Form 3. The fundi who sold him the phone disappeared and closed shop when he got wind mambang’a are on his case. Now, Allan is a murder suspect and his mother cannot even afford a lawyer.

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Ha ha ha…those things u do on the internet seem to be pretty nasty …for you to go on Paranoid mode like that

:p:D They would never have been able to decrypt that phone. Wasn’t worried about the computer. I use a live USB boot when need be

Eeeh let’s just say I spend a lot of time trying to do the impossible with fons end comps,which is like my side hustle…hio kazi ya simu za wizi imenitoa mbali,am a living nitemare to some ppl

Ile siku utakuwa ndani ya nine by nine with 30 other people ndiyo utajua si sidehustle.

Iv imagined it all,I guess I’ll be very much prepared

android lollipop iko encrypted by default. try it