Mwife wa Ule Mluhya Alidishy Ule Mtoi

Huyu ndio mwife banaa.

Another day in Bonobo country

I watched the video. Immediately the guy was done with the dirty deeds and PNC locks in, madharau ninaanza. He tossed the piece of cloth to her to wipe herself. Nigga clearly knew what he did was wrong.

Reality set in quick. Lakini hio huwa na kila mwanaume. Once u mwaga ndio una realise ulifanya makosa.

Asijali. Huyo anafaa kuwa Kodiaga for 20 years apate time ya kufikiria chenye alifanya.

the ghel is 19 years old and incest is not illegal in kenya …huyo @ChifuMbitika ameponea chupu chupu kukula kifaranga ya familia

Wueh!!:eek:…niliskia huko bonoboland kuna chief ananyorosha watu sana wakiregarega. Wacha apelekewe hawa watu.

Most problems that men face in this country are due to lack of self-control, self-awareness and self-regulation.

Even mundane problems like failure to advance education-wise, failure to build wealth, failure to enjoy life as it is, failure to support parents can all be traced to lack of self-control and most times some pussy somewhere.

Huyu jamaa is foolish anakula jail-bait kiholela… he deserves everything that comes his way.

Lakini huyu dem ni how old?

Ubaya this video will ruin his reputation big time hata rafiki zake watamuondokea pole pole. Business ideas na partnerships he would have forged have gone out through the window. His wife will undergo untold stress. Watoto wake in this era will somehow get to see the video. Hii hapa ni own-goal

Fala imponea but kitunguu amemwaga…

Maze wahenga si mniinbox hii vida. At this rate I’m the only one mwenye hajaiona.

Alikua anarombosa ni ka ako na 10 years experience, so most likely amefika 18.

Uyo jamaa pia ni fala, mbona kujirecord sasa

Men are not going to regulate themselves. Your type is the one making laws to finish men at parliament.

anakaa kitu 20 but huyu amegawa sana huko mashinani…

Lakini hako ka 16 yo sio kabaya, hata mimi ningepata nafasi ningekadinya dry fry na kumwaga the last drop ndani kabisa

No law can ever regulate a man. Most things you need to self-regulate are not even illegal not even by the largest stretch of imagination. No man, King or God can prescribe laws to force you to live well, stay healthy, be kind, be reasonable etc. Choosing which poossy to fuack is a matter of self regulation not law.

poor wife


Dude, sit down, be humble and take a copy of the Sexual Offences Act, 2006

Incest by males:- Sexual Offences Act, 2006
Section 20. (1) Any male person who commits an indecent act or an act which causes penetration with a female person who is to his knowledge his daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt or grandmother is guilty of an offence termed incest and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than ten years:

Provided that, if it is alleged in the information or charge and proved that the female person is under the age of eighteen years, the accused person shall be liable to imprisonment for life and it shall be immaterial that the act which causes penetration or the indecent act was obtained with the consent of the female person.

Incest by females:- Sexual Offences Act, 2006
Section 21. The provisions of section 20 shall apply mutatis mutandis with respect to any female person who commits an indecent act or act which causes penetration with a male person who is to her knowledge her son, father, grandson grand father, brother, nephew or uncle.

It goes further in section 22

22. (1) In cases of the offence of incest, brother and sister includes half brother, half sister and adoptive brother and adoptive sister and a father includes a half father and an uncle of the first degree and a mother includes a half mother and an aunt of the first degree whether through lawful wedlock or not.