Mwathani.... i hope this is not true

[ATTACH=full]135336[/ATTACH] Kumbe ndio maana Alice was bitter

@pamba , @uwesmake and all bukusans (I am assuming Bungoma ni bukusu wako). I saw a news item where a lady from Bungoma was describing events prior to the fatal shooting of a man (MHRIP). She said she prepared githeri, added waru and cabbage and served him. That’s when they saw police coming and he started fleeing. Sasa, that food, is it not what we call mashakura ya akina mama Clichy?

Wanda fool this has been posted here 1001 times. But wewe na kiherehere yako lazima upost ndio utuonyeshe unakuanga shuppit.


It is not the only 34A like that, there are a few more observed with votes being allocated to other candidates in Jubilee strongholds.
County: Nyeri Constituency: Tetu Ward: Wamagana Polling Centre: Hubuini Primary School Polling Station: Hubuini Primary School01

Wandafull unasumbua sisi sasa… Na hiyo story umepost ya Murang’a ni fake news…

No… I have someone whos sister is lives in the next house …GSU on site…i also understand that the incident is in Kenol not muranga town… Although Kenol is in muranga County

True from MKZ. .

Kenol town Maragua constituency Muranga county where heavily armed police officers who include those drawn from the dreaded Recce Squad are engaging equally heavily armed gangsters who have locked themselves in a residential building.

Which camera is this that takes numbers in HD but words are in 0.5MP?

I was going to raise this issue

It is an issue of the angle at which the image was taken which is why half the form not just words and numbers are out of focus. Form 34B confirms what was entered on that form.