Mwangi Kiunjuri's daughter burnt to death in moi girls dormitory fire

This is an ill-intentioned and hurtful rumor that the girl who is alleged to have burnt the Moi Girls domitory is Mwangi Kiunjuri’s. She is not.
It is cruel to the families that lost loved ones to create these kinds of unfounded rumours when their wounds are still this raw. It is hurtful too for the family whose daughter is now being called my daughter.
Let it be known that she’s not his daughter.
The cowardly anonymous originator of this rumour should apologise to the affected families and desist from publishing this or any other unfounded malicious stories.
May the girls who lost their lives rest in perfect peace.

The damage was already done, may the family get strength

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Pia wewe hujui chenye unasema. she was burnt/ she burnt/ or what the fuck are you saying.

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Admin hii kifaranga yako iko shida kidogo.

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Your thread title does not help the situation too