Mwanaume inafaa akuwe na both sharp and crude weapons nyumbani

Ficha njora chini ya kitanda.
Sunda rungu ya kimaasai ndani ya wardrobe.
Weka pocket knife ndani ya the nearest cabinet.
Hang nyahunyo mahali kwa ukuta.
Chuma ikibaki after mjengo usitupe zote, chagua moja ikuwe tu kwa corner mahali, you never know when it will come in handy.
Kama wewe sio birrionaire with a gun license, scatter weapons around the house/compound.
Unachinjwa aje kwako kama kuku ya grade? Have you ever seen those things being slaughtered? You grab one, you cut off the neck and the rest just stare because they don’t have the survival instincts of a kienyeji chicken.
Umejenga nyumba nzuri sana, “an architectural marvel”, so hutaki kuharibu “ambiance” na crude weapons. Wewe! Utakufa tu kimchezo!
How can such a soft, weak-looking boy kill four people without getting hurt? Ama hii mbisha ni ya akiwa high school?


Hii ni kama ile situeshen ya @Mzee mzima. After years of being sodomized by PS owners and older male relatives, he finally snapped and let them have it.

My dad taught me to have weapons at a lunging distance in my house. Huwezi niuwa kwa nyumba yangu hivi hivi, tutauana my fren. Pengine uniwekee sumu ama mchele kwa drink alafu unichinje. Lakini live live? Tutapambana ndugu yangu. Even if you’re my son nakudunga na spear kwanza, kesi baadaye.

Heneway, all of us will die. We neither know the time nor the hour. We can only hope for peaceful deaths. RIP to the departed.

Mitoto ilikua inawatch series inaitwa the following

alaah kumbe siku moja unaweza okolea[ATTACH=full]344021[/ATTACH]

ii ntaChungulia …saitan wewe

Also, worth adding is the fact that, weapons are only useful as long as you know how to use them. I have seen so many idiots on YouTube being disarmed and maimed by their own weapons.

jamaa wa movie io following iko aje @captain obvious

Naskia alikuwa fan wa Killing Eve pia. Huyu ata-boost biashara ya movie shops hizi wiki mbili zinakuja. Wakenya watataka kujua kwani hizi series ziko na nini ndio zifanye mtu atende ukatili kama huo. As a certain politician once said, never waste a crisis

Ni serial killer huwa anatoroka jela anarudi ku-terrorize raiya akiwa na cult inafuata orders zake kama ghaseer.

Aiii how did such guy carry out such gruesome murder,afinywe tena kidogo atatoa wenzake

Hizo weapons ni outdated tafuta pistol ufiche kwa safe

History has shown that hio spear umejiwekea hapo ndio utatolewa mara nayo.

Worst case scenario udungwe nayo anus sphincter kama marehemu Gaddafi. No homo.

Kwanza wewe ni msee wa hizo sides za Karura-ka Nyungu na Gikuni…damu yako inanuka mauti tu.

Nikiwa intern kuna mjamaa alijaribu kuingia keja nikabidi nitumie chuma fulani kumshtua. Years later niko na axe underbed, sledgehammer chini ya couch na self dence electric shock flashlight kwa gari. Lets say niko prepared i learnt my lesson

It will remain a useless hunk of metal if you don’t fire it as well as clean it regularly. There are also costs involved : shooting range, buying ammo, cleaning fluids, licence etc

So what’s the alternative? Uketi hapo ungoje kuchinjwa kama coocoo ya grade?

Hii movie niliwatch as far as 2013. Inaglorify cultism na suicides na honour killings. It is a good series ukitaka kujua how cults work

kuna series na movie

I have a gathanua under my bed but i need to work on my tummy and entire body physic, not sure I will be swift enough to reach for it and face my adversary incase am accosted

A pistol I think is only useful if you have it on you ama you’re used to firing it. Ukijipata kwa situation zingine it will take years to open that safe, load that firearm, and neutralise the threat.

You can prepare all you want, and still get killed because of the element of surprise. That boy unapuuza was not a stranger to his victims. If a familiar person is determined to kill you, you are largely defenseless because he has the element of surprise. Atasimama tu nyuma yako akudunge kisu ya shingo. Let’s see how rational you are with a bleeding artery na kisu kwa shingo. Your ability to fight back is severely limited. If he follows up with other weapons after injuring you, that’s it.

That being said, I believe the boy had help. It would require military precision to slay 3+ people and emerge unscathed.

Your advice is very practical when dealing with regular attackers where there is no element of surprise. Personally, I always have a weapon in the vehicles.

You also need to practice sword fights like Conan or a ninja na uingie gym ufanane na Rambo. And you cannot be one of those fellows who fears shedding blood.

You see, you also need to know which organs to perforate otherwise this will be an exercise in futility. If you slash the hand you have not killed the aggressor, it has to be a very sharp and pointed rambo knife so you can split his or her stomach open or chop the head clean off like Machette kills. You also need a basic understanding of surgery and where the arteries are located.

And the sword or axe has to always be super sharp. Kama ni arrows you have to be an expert marksman who can shoot in the dark. Preferably a crossbow with maximum stopping power.