Mwalimu Rachel Nearly Castrates Boychild

Mwalimu Rachel is the manager of Sailors music group and she’s also a radio presenter at NRG radio.She and other 2 well-built accomplices/ waiders are accused of beating,spitting on,insulting,pulling out dreadlocks,squeezing plus pulling his testicles and even robbing off money and a phone from an upcoming artiste.The victim is a childhood friend of Peter a.k.a. Miracle Baby of Sailors music group.The incident happened on 17th January 2020 in Kinoo,at the house of Sailors.He was also threatened by Rachel that she can do to him what Babu Owino did to Dj Evolve,he was also told to bring back 10,000 bob in order to get his phone back.Men and very few women have come out online to call for Mwalimu Rachel’s arrest under the hashtags #JailMwalimuRachel and #AkiWanaumeTunaumia.Here’s a link with the full story.


Gangster points

Hakuna gangster points hapo,kama angekuwa pekee yake ndio anafaa kupewa gangster points

ndume ipi inachapwa na mke?