Mwalimu kapatkana part 1

Caught in act …

Story 2

By mwalimu macharia…

His name will be hidden for security n personal purposes, hope Ave phrased that line correctly m not a script writer am just a story teller … Let’s call him mwalimu PT (petero) …na si yule wa Bible alikiss yesu Mara tatu …

PT , was in charge of science, yani head of science Dept , anytime I visited his small office inside the school laboratory I ever found Shanice , the Yello Yello , gudi gudi, form 2 gal asking tough questions like ,
Why does a luminous flame produce soot etcetra, n since m not much of a fan of chemistry would just mind my business

One Friday afternoon , PT , borrowed permission to leave early Ako na some private issues to attend to , his afternoon lesson was given to teacher Rose to teach kifo kisimani form 3 class, he had no other afternoon lesson …

Tukiwa pale staffroom , Shanice came in complaining it’s her time of the month n she needed to go home hajiskii poa . We we’re not of the habit of issuing leave outs anyhowly but how she convinced the class teacher Mr Fred remains a mystery (check spelling) … Shanice akapewa leave out n away she went

Part 2 upnext , if following say hey

Well noted. With thanks.

Ghasia malizia hiyo porno clip ama ukae nayo!

Hehe … so wewe ndo story teller lakini unataka tujijasie what happened next, sindio?

in short petero alimkula shazz ama?