Muvi za sato nyt

Seventh son
Fast & furious 7
Man with iron fists 2

Mnaeza ongezea zingine.

Avengers Age of Ultron

Good fellas

a few good men

hiyo avengers yako imeactiwa na mapuppets? everyone else has posted movies that have been released

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Na series je?

Seventh son 7.5 / 10
Fast n Furious- waiting for bluray
Man with Iron fist 2 - 7.0 / 10
The last knight…7.5 / 10

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kill the Christians…ni documentary ya BBC

Well spotted sir

Jinga ingine iliniambia fast & furious bado?

seventh son is one booooooring movie

Kill me three times…thank me later

Hizo Blu Ray copy hutokea after how long? How about you download a full HD one?

After a few months :frowning: if it is a huge release, but I cant bear to watch a low quality movie, so I prefer to wait.
Full HD usually comes out around the same time as blu ray. HD cam does not count.