mututhos good old days

John Mututho has recalled his
campus days in an interview with
the Nairobian.
The NACADA chairman joined the
University of Nairobi’s Upper
Kabete Campus in 1980 from
Egerton University College after
completing a diploma course in
Agriculture in Egerton in 1978.
“I became a class representative
while in Kabete, which is the
farthest I climbed as far as campus
leadership is concerned. At campus,
we never went clubbing, and
personally I never drank alcohol. I
still don’t drink. Things were
different then, in fact birthday
parties were unheard of. We only
held professional meetings
especially at the end of the
Discipline was expressed even in
dressing, especially among our girls
who did not expose too much flesh
as is the case today. High heels or
the funny hairstyles I see today
never existed. All men used to keep
Afro hairstyles. I was married with
a young family when I was in
campus. I used to earn Sh5,000 (a
lot of money then) from my
employer and drove a car with
registration number KUP 986. Mine
was a dignified campus life.” He
“Food was free at the university. In
fact, at one time, students went on
strike when meatballs went missing
on the menu. Given who I was, I
did not join them. Students
received ‘boom’ a cash stipend that
many of my friends used to take
their girlfriends out to buy Fanta,”
he added.