What wavelength are these guys operating on ? The document they have is final, you either accept or decline. Hio ingine ya kupelekea wananchi sijui inatoka wapi ?

Hii BBI watu watalia machozi. It is the biggest con game this country has ever seen from a family that has been conning us since independence. Siku yao itafika and it will be ugly. You can fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time but NEVER…


io siku haiko mbali

Where’s the con ?

I always come back to read the BBI back story when things get murky.

There’s a family whose handprint is all over that backstory. They’d been scheming this thing for ages.

Phew ! ! !

Hahaha tuko papa hapa. The internet never forgets. Let us compare notes in 2024. The Ruto Brigade were warned, they didn’t listen. Then the Raila Brigade are being warned, they are not listening. The BBI puppets are next in line.
Some of the people some of the time. All the people some of the time. But never…?

Kelele tuu. Ati consultations. Kwani what have they been doing. I wonder if Mutua is current on his KRA taxes before he built that hotel. Watapitisha tuu wakifinywa kidogo.

The single biggest threat to. Ke is . tta

Sonko aliitwa Statehouse akapewa Chai moto wakichekacheka akidhani Konyagi ni rafiki wake. If by now you don’t know people utasaidikaje?

BBI will pass hizo feelings zako hazitakusaidia

Sawa sawa. But you will come to regret why you cheered him on.

bbi mnasema ni mbaya but the oppossing politicians you blindly follow are all corrupt …so niache one thief for another one ? acheni BBI ipite