Blogger Mutai petitions Aukots participation in 26th polls .Claims that there was misinterpretation of the constitution and he is a jubilee mole. Ujinga ni kipawa.

Are you serious???

Yea he claims its unconstitutional and that he is aganist the cause for reforms in the iebc.

Aukot is the stone that the builders rejected (Kenyatta) was against him being in the ballot paper but in disguise he has unknowingly saved the unfolding murky situation

There’s new drama daily. :D:D:D
JP mole is a bit far fetched though

Mutai was once an opposition activist, then he became pro-govt, went back to Opposition via the Chama cha Mashinani route but once his boss became friendly to jubilee, he jumped ship to NASA. Mercenary.

NASA blogger sasa ameanza kujua sheria

While others take a route to Canaan you take a detour to Syria.


Hello ? Could you please give in Dollars a quote for gender reassignment ?

Asking for a friend.

Nasa keyboard warriors think the law is their’s to ask for what they want.

Justice Mativo’s ruling has really destabilized Nasa’s plans.
The other day they were supporting the inclusion of all candidates, Jubilee was not.
Now when the the ruling came with some unexpected remarks that made Raila’s withdrawal null and void, things have changed.
Jubilee seems to be happy with it, while Nasa has now deployed its bloggers/lawyers to appeal. All of a sudden, Ekuru has become a sellout to them because he has refused to withdraw.

No doubt that this appeal will be dismissed. You cannot ask the court to deny Ekuru’s rights. And as it stands, it is now not about Ekuru. It’s about all candidates that vied.
I really hate the double speak in Nasa. Not that Jubilee is perfect, but at least Jubilee do not pretend to be saints.