Must read!!!!!!

Today in the morning I was going to buy
milk and bread for my breakfast
apparently our local shops were
was at 8.15 when I was walking to
uchumi supermaket but they were closed
so I decided to go to Tumaini both in
Rongai.When leaving I saw this small
boy maybe about 10 to 12 maximum
pushing a wheel chair with a lady on it
as he borrows money for breakfast.This
man in full officiall looking really good
was passing him but one of the front
wheels of the chair went over his shining
black leather shoes, the man turned
slapped the boy and told him( ambia
wazazi wako wakutaftie)tell your parents
to look for money don’t start borrowing
and walked away,the boy started crying
so when I was passing him he asked me
whether I could help.I gave them
whatever I had bought,told me the mum
was blind and the mum asked me to
kneel down she gives me her blessings
for that and frankly I felt so
touched…To most of us including me I
won’t deny at some point we see its our
parents responsibility to do certain
things for us and when they don’t we
may be mad or angry at them but the
lesson I have learnt today .Even if its a
mother,father, both or deceased.
Kindly,just appreciate them because
there people who would like to be in.
your shoes although you complain.

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