Muslims Asked To Leave Nyahururu...

It has started, the hate and intolerance in Kenya has gone up tenfold, if sanity doesn’t prevail we may have another CAR in our hands.


We are used to these leaflets …Lakini watoto wao si niwazuri…wasiende tafadhali ,thou they don even gawa ,jst lukin at them, its worth.

This was eventual…saw it coming



Hapo xawa…either waede ama waseme adui

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Such things are bound to come the local authority should not encouraged it.


The hate and intolerance was brought by the muslims themselves .how many churches have been bombed and no muslim has volunteered any info.the extrimist must have stayed somewhere.christians have always been quite but on this one you are either with us or against us.

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problem comes in when the good ones shelter the bad ones

This leaflets are spread by fellow alshabaab to spread hate ! / division

Very unfortunate…but am not buying this…this is not the first leaflet in Kenya

kebab propaganda to galvanise any faltering moslems…

I knew it was a matter of time before some well financed person with a self serving agenda (e.g politician) took advantage of the emotional state of Kenyans. Whoever it is,(could well be the alkebabs) i think this is a cowardly way of doing things ata afadhali South Africa where people in power are not afraid to be seen and heard spreading xenophobia for their own gains.

Just say Raila… I see where you are going

I think in this point in time this kind of cowardly behaviour should not be tolerated. The fact one is a muslim does not automatically mean he is a terorist and vice versa. Remember the alshabaab guy from Busia, the gava need to infiltrate the camps where these radicals are made or trained through the NIS and get intelligence which they can use to crush this bastards. Hii mambo ya excuses should stop

Very interesting, so soon after reading North Eastern leads in new births registrations, I wouildn’t put it past our pea brained politicians trying to pull a quick one to draw Kenyan Somalis support.

umesahau boss… NIS are toothless. thanks to human rights activists and CORD.

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Was in nyahururu leo na sijaskia story kaa hii…but nw guys should learn to be tolerant on each others…

Hata mimi nimepitia Nyahururu but didn’t hear that. That leaflet inakaa zile za times za mungiki.

were you looking for the leaflets?