I guess the only place Cyprian Nyakundi has had contact with a slay queen is sitting next to her kwa mat. Do not be deceived by this guy , the Nyakundi Resistance Movement ya kuresist Slay Queens. Huyo mjamaa ni slay queens wanamresist. You know unless money has been poured no slay queen worth her crown can be caught dead next to kiatu kama Nyakundi. He is fearfully made. Inawes damage reputation ya slay queen mbaya, unless you buy her a disguise maslay queens wenzake wasimuone na Nyakundi. Nyakundi is unable to approach slay queens because he looks like a member of Gaza and they clutch their bags and take off every time he tried so now he wants mukae bila slay queens kama yy. For those of you who dont know how hot this guy is below is a photo, please tell me which self respecting slay queen will be seen with this guy unless mchele is involved? Tena huyu jamaa anakaa misito za aina yote, no money, alafu you’re ‘hot’ infact you look so sketchy like watu wa Gaza watawes kuogopa. Frankly, Nyakundi asitupime akili, tunajua shida yake na ma slay queens. If you want to know huyu jamaa amesota, he even opened paybill ati fund the boychild. To fleece the same men he asks to resist being fleeced by slay queen. Nauliza huu ni ungwana???


wewe matina ukipewa pesa ata na Besigye utatembea na yeye… we know your kind/medicine…


Pewa kiti

When did looks matter again for men…how many so called slay queens are fvking pot bellied jamaas just for money? Nyakundi is a jewel…wachana na president wa boy child movement

We are entitled to a choice and we chose to listen to Nyakundi and not you. Hii injili yako pelekea fellow slay queens

Heri pot belly, wrinkles for monetary benefits

Alafu tupate your reach husband looks like a member of Gaza,kiatu kama Nyakundi, anakaa misito za aina yote.

You cannot eat good looks. A man is his character, resolve, hard work inevitably leading to achievements.

I haven’t seen an ugly man in a Bentley. However there are many of the so called lookers cross dressing like faggots.

Sasa uko hapa abusing Nyakundi ati he can’t get himself a slay queen ju he is ugly…problem is, he is addressing something men his age are going through, so ata mkimtusi na aendelee kuongea sense hamtamtoa kwa timeline zenyu any time soon.
slay queens waache kuhustle wanaume pesa, wafanye kazi ka wengine … the equity feminists were fighting for.

So let the ugly nigga level the playing field.

Anyango ata wewe zile picha zako ziliekwa hapa are nothing to write home about. Wewe na @girlciki93 ni sampuli moja

Kama unampenda saana umetuma paybill? Nowadays paybill ndio kusema btw. Talk is cheap. If you see my kids who look like their dad ndio utajua niko na allergy ya viatu

Nyef. Nyef. Coming to the defence on Nyakundi but nani ametuma paybill hapa hivi? NOBODY. Ni midomo tuu.

Ain’t no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I’m cute
JAY Z has already shown the way to go…only [ATTACH=full]144195[/ATTACH]

its all about making the profits,bitches ain part of the spreadsheets only get em to spread my sheets [ATTACH=full]144197[/ATTACH]

Huyu @GeorginaMakena ni chokora tupu! RESIST

chokora ni ww.

Mzee Mzima ulipata job ama nowadays we ni spokesman ya Nyakundi?

I had not seen his page, thanks to ktalk rants I finally read his content yesterday… The man is speaking the truth

If you really feel the guy tuma pesa paybill ok? Thats the threshold of effidence

What English is this ???